Travel to China – How to Get Residence Permits

The Chinese government has notified foreign nationals of their obligation to acquire the necessary documents to obtain visa from Chinese visa office before departure for China. This will facilitate visa inspection of the foreigner when he or she reaches China. This notification was issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of State Security, and Ministry of Commerce. The foreign nationals are obliged to: Obtain passport, submit visa in China, and exit the country without misrepresenting any documents, if applicable.

The law of the Chinese government is strictly implemented, and foreign nationals holding foreign passports are required to abide to the law of the Chinese state. The law stipulates that all the requirements of the law concerning the Chinese government and the Chinese community as a whole is complied with. The law stipulates that all the foreign national’s requirements for obtaining Chinese visas will be honored, no matter the reasons why they were not able to comply with the requirements.

Many foreigners are aware that, if they need to leave China to go to work, they have to obtain an exit visa prior to leaving China. They should also know that, if they need to leave China to visit another country, they will be required to leave and return to China on the same day as prescribed by the notification from the embassy. In addition to the above, a foreigner will be required to surrender his exit/entry permit upon leaving China, unless the person is a dual citizenship holder, in which case he only needs to surrender his passport. In cases such as these, they should contact their consular representative at the Chinese embassy for further details.

Many foreigners have found it difficult to acquire exit and entrance visas to China. For them, the easiest method of getting Chinese visa is by working through a direct employment agency. Many Chinese employment agencies have arrangements with the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the visa sponsorship of their employees.

Another method of acquiring Chinese visa is to work through local intermediaries, for example, the local Chinese consulate in the area where you wish to travel to China. These local intermediaries will help you obtain the exit visa and work permit you need. However, there is a possibility that the Chinese authorities may not provide you with the required documents. Therefore, you will have to obtain the documents on your own.

Many people find it very difficult to get Chinese residence permits. However, they should not give up hope as this can easily be done. The process of obtaining Chinese residence permits starts with a request. The foreign national must submit an application with his personal details, including employment history, work experiences and education. After careful examination, the foreign national will be granted permission to live in China. After approval of the application, the documents confirming the consent of the foreign national and the passport will be given to the consular representative.

When you travel to China, it is very important to ensure that the relevant documents are with you. If you fail to bring all the required documents, your application will be turned down. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you have all the required documents when you travel to China.

In addition, do not expect the Chinese authorities to issue an exit ban once you have arrived in China. The exit ban is not implemented because they are worried about the security of China. Therefore, the easiest way to travel to China is by using a non-entry visa. However, if you wish to travel to China with a valid passport, then you will need to apply for an exit visa beforehand. This is especially necessary if you plan to stay in China for more than three months.