Travel to China – Effective January 1

Travel to China is frequently subject to entrance fees. You need to have a valid visa to travel to China. Chinese visa application centres opened on 4 November 2021.

Travel to China

On 4 November 2021, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs made the following announcement regarding foreign nationals traveling to China: Chinese nationals who wish to visit China can apply for Chinese tourist visas at any of the Chinese immigration office in their respective country of residence. On 4 November, the Chinese Ambassador in the UK made the following statement regarding the cancellation of the Shanghai Ordinary Migration Office: “The Shanghai Ordinary Migration Office was notified today that the branch would be closed from today as of today.” The reason given was that there were insufficient Chinese immigrants to keep the office operational. It is believed that this was related to a lack of business from China’s perspective. In July, the Chinese government had indicated that it would increase the number of Chinese students studying in Britain by 3000.

There has been some confusion regarding the exact reasons for the Chinese government’s measures regarding the Shanghai Ordinary Migration Office. Some foreign nationals travelling to China have been detained and told that they cannot enter the country. There have also been reports of persons who have been denied entry to the country and returned back to their countries because they are not permitted to leave China. There are several restrictions and visa requirements that foreign nationals must comply with if they wish to travel to China.

The Chinese authorities have placed various visa restrictions and entry requirements. These visa restrictions and entry requirements are designed to prevent illegal immigration and to protect China’s national security. If you are traveling to China, you should be aware of the various types of visas and restrictions that you will be required to meet.

Citizens of PRC are prohibited from entering the country without a visa. If you are travelling to China for work, an employee visa is required. Businesses may obtain a special executive visa by proving that their employees are Chinese businessmen. If you are travelling as a tourist, there are several restrictions on entry and exit. These include exit permits that are imposed by the China customs authorities at the border and exit permits that are required by the Tourist Industry Administration.

There are three categories of Chinese restrictions: entry ban, exit ban and online travel restrictions. Entry ban is imposed on travelers intending to work in China or travelling to China for work. exit ban is imposed on all passengers intending to leave China and travelling outside China. Online travel restriction is imposed on tourists who intend to leave China and travelling via the internet.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced that all flights from the UK to China will be stopped from landing at the Taipei 101 airport. The announcement from the MOFA came after two airlines – British Airways and China Eastern Airlines – announced that they would reduce their flights to Taipei. The reason behind the reduction in flights is that China’s tourism bureau applied a “one-way” rule for flights from the UK to Taipei. The one-way rule means that if a person travelling to Taiwan from the UK wants to fly back to China, he has to make another trip to Beijing. Thus, all flights from UK to Taipei are now banned.

The new rules on travel to China are effective January 1st, therefore all the flights to China will be suspended until further notice. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this is because the new travel regulations have been implemented strictly and all travel documents are required to comply with the necessary provisions on China. However, it should be noted that the above ban does not affect citizens of the state-owned enterprises of PRC. Therefore, foreign nationals of the People’s Republic of China within fourteen days prior to the imposition of the new travel advisory must apply for their original documents from the Office of the Secretary of State before they can travel abroad.