Travel to China – Effective February 1, 2021

Travel to China

Travel to China – Effective February 1, 2021

Travel to China can be a great and memorable experience for many people. Chinese heritage and culture are some of the most unique in the world. This country is often referred to as the “New East,” due to its massive size and the amazing mixture of ancient and modern elements. When thinking about traveling to China, here are some important things that everyone should be prepared for.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) issued a travel advisory for all citizens on January 16th. According to the MOFA, all travelers intending to travel to China will need to have proper visa documentation by the end of January. Entry into the People’s Republic of China was temporarily suspended on March 25th. There currently is no end-date for the new policy. If you were planning to visit China advise local authorities immediately so that you can still travel on time.

The Chinese government announced that all foreign travelers originating from nineteen different countries will have to acquire an immigrant visa prior to departing. This means that all but immediate family members will need to apply for visas. However, there are some travelers originating from the United Kingdom that will not need to apply for a visa. These are the same rules applied to passengers coming from the United Kingdom and are designated as temporary workers. Temporary workers do not have to apply for work permits. These rules are in effect until further notice.

The travel advisory also states that all travelers to China from January 29th to February 4th must obtain exit and entry permits from China. This is the first implementation of an entry ban since 1999. There are no special measures currently implemented for travelers from the United Kingdom. This exit and entry ban were implemented as a measure to prevent illegal crossing of Chinese territory. It is estimated that between thirty thousand and fifty thousand illegal crossings occurred in the first half of 2021.

Travel to China with the implementation of this new entry ban is not easy. Not all hotels, restaurants, and other businesses have been set up yet for the Chinese National Holiday. There are no flights into Beijing and many areas of the country have remained closed. The US government has issued a travel advisory to its citizens regarding the ban and issued a report stating that citizens of the United Kingdom may need to update their travel itinerary accordingly.

Travel to China with the implementation of the new entry ban is possible only through air travel. There are currently no flights scheduled for February through January 2021. The US government has advised its citizens traveling to China to leave by alternate methods until the situation normalizes. US citizens who are traveling to China are advised to contact the Department of State and ask for instructions regarding their current travel status.

Travel to China is possible without the requirement of visas for Chinese nationals only. Chinese officials have stated that their country will begin allowing only Chinese citizens to enter China from January twenty first through March twenty-first. This timeframe will be for a one month period only and does not include tourists. In order to establish whether or not you can enter China via different routes, you should contact the nearest embassy to check.

Travel to China via air is the most cost effective and fastest way to get to the country. However, it has also been the primary target of those implementing the new visa policy. There are now, however, reports that the government’s plans to issue visas on arrival for Chinese nationals will be published sometime in march. You will have to wait for the date to be set by the authorities before visiting China. Be sure to book your flights well in advance to ensure visa approval.