Travel to China – Chinese National Law on Foreign nationals

Travel to China can be a fun experience. It opens up a whole new world to you. But it is important to prepare yourself before you travel there. Here are some tips to keep in mind when planning your trip.

Travel to China

Quarantine. Entry into the People s Republic of China has been suspended on March 25th. There still is, however, no definite date for the lifting of the ban. Travellers who had already planned to visit China advise that as of now, they still have no confirmation as to when the Chinese government will lift the quarantines.

Temporary Residence Permit. The PRC issued a circular to travellers advising them that from April to June and October to November they would only be able to enter China if they were travelling without a return ticket. For those travelling between these periods, a temporary residence permit was issued. The timeframe for this permit is six months from the time of issue. From this point travellers have the opportunity to apply for a visa.

Work Permission. After completing an approved Chinese course and undergoing labour training (tourist workers are not allowed to work in China until an exit plan has been established), participants are required to submit an application for a work permit. Work permits are only available for Chinese foreign professionals with work permits.

Train Tickets. Like visitors, Chinese tourists are required to have travel tickets. These tickets are available from the Chinese embassy in the United Kingdom or from a variety of travel agencies throughout the world. Chinese trains do not operate within the UK. If you are travelling between the UK and China by train, your train tickets will need to be booked prior to departure. This is especially important if your itinerary includes a visit to Beijing or other Chinese capital cities.

Travel Insurance. There are some areas in China that are off-limits to tourists due to security reasons. In most cases, travelers are required to get a visa prior to visiting these areas. Chinese travelers must obtain a special type of travel insurance to cover any sudden medical emergencies, travel accidents or other unforeseen events.

Visa Approval. Once you have received your Chinese visa and obtained your foreign travel card, it is time to apply for your foreign travel itinerary. China has a system that divides the country into zones. Each zone has different entry requirements. It is important to know what is required for your intended trip. Consult with the Chinese authorities for more information.

Exit Ban. The customs officials at the airport might require you to remove clothes and accessories that you brought with you when you arrived in China. They also may require you to remove any electronic items from your baggage. If the customs officials request you to remove these items, do not do so. Instead, advise the Chinese authorities that you have a foreign travel insurance that will cover any unexpected events.

Deportation. Upon arrival at your destination, you should inform the customs officials of your departure date and your work permit. They may ask you to return to the Chinese embassy or consulate to pick up your belongings or documents for processing your work permit.

Registration. You should receive a registration card upon arrival at the airport, provided by the local customs office. This registration card is needed for a number of reasons, including obtaining a copy of your foreign travel insurance, filling in a form for an appointment with the embassy’s representative, and reporting to the ministry of finance. The registration card serves as proof that you are legally permitted to live in China and that you have your current residence permit (usually referred to as a resident visa).

Suspended Travel Advice. The PRC Ministry of Foreign Affairs released some travel advice for its citizens on January 12th regarding possible restrictions on foreigners who intend to travel to China. The travel advice suggests that all Chinese tourists who will be traveling to China between Jan. 1st and June 30th should obtain their Chinese residence permits from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs no later than two weeks prior to their intended departure. The travel advice further advised Chinese nationals of the following: not travel to Hong Kong or Macau, do not leave their photographs with local friends or relatives for the purpose of visiting China, and not to purchase or receive gifts from Chinese citizens.

Imprisonment for Financial crimes. The Chinese government does not treat foreigners with respect and has stepped up its measures to prevent the access of foreign nationals to assets abroad. In July 2021, the PRC government implemented the Prevention of Finances Embargo Enhancement System, or PFA. The PFA bans most types of financial transactions between China and foreign banks, including transfers of funds, loans, mortgages, and commercial purchases.