Travel to China by Yourself, Foreigners

Travel to China is normally subject to visa inspection. You need a visa to travel to China. Chinese visa application centres are now available. On 4 November, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs made public the suspension of entry to China by non-Asian nationals residing in the UK with Chinese visas or home permits.

The reason given was the continuing expansion of the Shanghai Beijing free trade zone (FBTZ). The UK government believes that the move by the Chinese authorities to block the entrance to the UK for Chinese people working in the Shanghai-Beijng Beijing zones is aimed at reducing the free movement of workers from China to other countries. It is believed that the widening of the Shanghai Beijing FTZ has led to the decline in the number of Chinese who have been able to gain entry to the UK.

This measure was implemented on the same day that the UK government announced a proposal to scrap the Working Time Directive which currently enables British nationals working in China to access their benefits from the Chinese government. The Chinese authorities have already started deporting people who fail to leave the country for at least six months. Some authorities have also started using a fast lane immigration clearance system. This means that they take a person from one Chinese country and put them under temporary residence in another. There is no evidence that this new system is any more effective than the fast lane system.

The Chinese government released guidelines to travel operators on the measures it plans to implement. These are clear indications of how they expect foreign nationals to behave in China. The guidelines specify that all non-immigrant entry requirements should be carried out in the same way as those for visa inspection. There will be checks at the airport, and at the port of entry. There will also be controls at the railway station and at the railway stations in and out of the city.

These measures are designed to discourage people from overstaying. In the UK, Chinese nationals traveling with valid visa documentation will not be required to show proof of onward travel to China before the leave to enter the country is granted. That means that British nationals travelling without valid visa documentation risk being refused entry to the country.

For Chinese national travel to UK, no stamp duty is payable on goods purchased during January, February or March. Stamp duty is charged on all imports of goods to Australia, and in some cases to the extent that goods are overpriced. There are special discounts available if the buyer purchases goods online. Chinese national citizens may also apply for online discount fares via websites operated by Chinese companies. Travel to China by bus, train or sea during the month of January will also normally be free.

There is no need to apply for a visa ahead of departure. It is not necessary to obtain an exit visa at the same time as the visa application. The rates of exchange for Chinese currency are usually greater than those applicable for non-Chinese national tourists. Therefore, it is usual to have the local authorities to check the validity of a foreign national’s visa prior to departure. If the validity is prolonged, the authorities may refuse to grant leave to remain or exit visa.

The Chinese authorities will refuse entry to foreigners if they do not hold Chinese nationality. They may refuse entry to travelers who attempt to bring Chinese nationals or goods into the country. There are reports that in some cases, Chinese national have been forcibly returned to their home country after having attempted to reach countries outside China by driving or flying to Australia. As Chinese speakers can readily converse with foreigners, it is possible for them to overstay in a foreign land without obtaining leave to exit the country.