Travel to China by Plane – Travel to China by Air

The State Department and the United States Embassy in China have announced that Travel to China has been temporarily banned due to the new Chinese government’s newly imposed an entry ban on foreign nationals who have been previously detained, or who are currently being detained, by the Chinese government. The reasons for the new Chinese government’s actions are not yet known. However, given the US policy of getting tough with those who take drugs and who sell drugs, this latest move by China makes a lot of sense. Still, the ban does not affect most Americans who have family living in China, or who are currently taking flights to China. Hence, the ban does not affect them, and they can still travel to China.

For a non-immigrant, i.e., an American citizen, to travel to China, he must apply for a Chinese work permit via the American Consulate in China. Once approved, your American passport will be automatically replaced by a Chinese work permit. There are stringent requirements for this process, and it is advisable that you consult with the Consulate in advance. However, if you are eligible for the EEC or other these special economic zones, you will not need to apply for a Chinese work permit. The criteria for eligibility are set by the authorities of the respective zone.

There are numerous travel advisory groups in the United States that advise against Travel to China, citing the large numbers of Foreign nationals who have become victims of scams and the likelihood that Chinese officials will impose more stringent entry requirements and tighter penalties for foreigners attempting to Travel to China. These groups argue that a ban on Travel to China would boost tourism, which could help offset some of China’s recent economic problems. However, the fact remains that travel to China is a popular option among many people, and is much easier than flying into Beijing and travelling from there. You can find a good selection of hotels, inns, restaurants and other facilities easily by searching online. However, due to tighter restrictions on Travel to China by Foreign nationals, there are some important points that you should understand and be aware of before you Travel to China.

Chinese immigration authorities do not deny the fact that there has been a significant rise in the number of cases of illegal crossing over of Chinese territory in the past few years. In July 2021, the government announced a five year plan to increase border security and implement a system of mandatory work permits for all Chinese citizens, and a three-year ban on the entry of Chinese Immigrants to the United Kingdom. Although the United Kingdom has not yet implemented a blanket ban on Travel to China, they have announced increased border security measures. In June 2021, China allowed the entry of certain employees of the United Kingdom into China on a temporary basis. These workers included doctors, teachers and emergency staff. The British government welcomed this measure and promised to implement stricter controls on Travel to China.

As part of these tighter visa restrictions, Chinese visitors may only enter China via the People’s Republic of China via passports or visa stamps. Visitors may also enter China via Hong Kong without a visa but must present their identity documents at the airport. Chinese authorities are cracking down on Travel to China to make it harder for Travelers to access the wealth of the Chinese economy without doing any illegal business. Tourists are advised to avoid visiting or making trips to Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan or any other Chinese-occupied territory until further notice.

When traveling to China via another country, whether through an airplane, train, boat or bus, it is wise to obtain at least three different kinds of visas – one for your intended travel, one for exit visa and another to bring over family members. You will need to submit your application for either a local visa or an exit visa at the border town of Taidong. You can pay a cash fee or apply through the local embassies of your destination country. If you are unable to present all of these documents at the border, your application could be rejected. Failure to have your passport stamped by the Chinese embassy is an easy way to get your visa declined.

To avoid getting stuck at the border, travelers are advised to plan ahead and acquire all of the necessary documents before leaving for China. In most cases, a local tourist visa is required if you wish to travel to China by plane. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule. Chinese tourists who are above the age of 18 and who are employed in China on business or are students are often exempt from obtaining their own visa and may instead need to exchange a valid passport for a child permit – which is a much simpler process.

Traveling to China by Plane – Quarantine & Quarantine Conditions Although travel to China via plane is fairly safe, tourists should still familiarize themselves with the basic Chinese quarantine entry requirements. Chinese customs officials to check all incoming passengers for contagious diseases and are very strict about screening passengers for disease. All travelers are required to wear a special face mask and specific clothing when entering China. It is also recommended that travelers check with local airports for current international standards for inspecting facial masks.