Travel to China by Flights For Foreign Citizens: Effective February 2nd 2021

Effective January is the Chinese New Year. This festival celebrates traditional Chinese culture, tradition and traditions, and is the start of the Chinese fiscal year. Because of this beginning, China’s government has implemented several travel restrictions and exit ban for citizens travelling to China. As a result, many citizens are unable to leave China and visit for two weeks or more during the Chinese New Year.

Travel to China

The number of entry and exit visa requirements vary from country to country. China restricts the total number of non diplomatic staff visiting the country for the whole twelve months. The same policy is applied for family members of foreign nationals working in China.

There are certain Chinese customs you should be aware of when travelling to China. Chinese people are very friendly and extremely helpful, especially during business transactions. Tourists who speak Mandarin can expect better service than those who do not. When making requests for any service or product, it is always polite and respectful to ask for the item to be packaged in its original packaging. Foreigners are also advised to keep all receipts for purchases to avoid paying excess local currency fees.

Travel to China may not require a visa, but there are certain customs that you must observe when travelling to China. You must not bring any food or item into the city of Hong Kong or the Chinese territory if you have not acquired the necessary visa beforehand. For self-quarantine, you must enter the Chinese territory only after you have obtained a written confirmation from the Chinese embassy. You may be required to stay in a quarantine house for up to a week.

There are separate Chinese visa requirements for tourists coming to China for work and for tourists coming to China for vacation. The requirements for tourists applying for work permits depend on the nationality of the employee. Chinese nationals may obtain a three-year work permit without a visa if the job offer is eligible for quota. Chinese nationals who have obtained a work permit need to apply for a visa if they intend to stay in China beyond the three-year limit.

Traveling to China by flights originated from most major global airports usually require passengers to have either an airline visa or a Chinese visa. Passengers from select countries may apply for a visa on arrival at the Chinese embassy prior to their travel. Those travelers originating from the above countries are required to submit their visa applications on arrival, though many will do so later.

Travel to China by sea normally requires passengers to have a visa upon arrival and to remain in China for fourteen days prior to leaving. However, a change of plans could still require a traveler to remain in China for fourteen days prior to traveling, and a change of plans can extend this time by another fourteen days. If traveling by plane, the rule of the thumb is to apply for a visa at the Chinese embassy well in advance of your intended departure date. Most airlines will also require you to submit visa applications when you check in to their booking desks during the flight’s travel time. Many of these processes will be complete in less than ten days.

The new Chinese holiday law, implemented in January 2021, effectively imposed an entry ban on all foreigners working in China who do not hold a valid work permit. The banned work includes those from outside China who work for Chinese national companies, as well as those from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and South Korea, those who have obtained Chinese work permits, and those who have relatives that are Chinese citizens. This post was prepared by the Center for Economic and Business Research at the University of Hong Kong.