Travel to China by Boat or Plane

Travel to China is often subject to foreign entry requirements. You may need a visa from the Chinese authorities for travel to China. Chinese visa application centres are now open globally. On 4 November last year, the Chinese embassy in the UK released a statement saying that all Chinese nationals, who do not have a visa for travel to China and who hold Chinese residence permits or visa on arrival, will be required to apply for an exit visa before leaving the country.

This decision was taken in response to a rise in the number of citizens travelling to China to take advantage of the Chinese New Year festival. In addition, there were also reports that in some cases Chinese “underground workers” were being hired by companies in Britain and other European Union member states to work on infrastructure projects in China. The majority of these workers had no legal rights in their own country and so would fall under the provisions of the Chinese employment contract, which states that workers cannot receive compensation for entering China or return home if they are arbitrarily employed outside China. The decision to tighten the visa rules was subsequently welcomed by the Chinese community in Britain, but there has been an increased number of people travelling to China who have no visa or work permit.

This is despite the fact that the Chinese government has indicated that it will not make any changes to the law on the irregular hiring of workers in China or the use of slave labour in China. There is a ban on the overseas recruitment of workers in China. This ban was introduced to prevent the abuse of Chinese labour in labour outsourcing arrangements in Britain. If a foreign national is intending to engage in work in China, they will need to obtain a visa if they do not have a visa already. There is currently no legislation in China that specifically states that an overseas national who arrives in China without a visa will require detention. However, it appears likely that this could change in future.

On arrival in China, if a foreign national is intending to work, whether they are already in China or are just travelling in China – they will be required to remain in their accommodation. There are some local Chinese who will not allow access to foreigners unless they have a visa. In those cases where there are no visa regulations, a visa may be required before access can be granted. Visas are also required a number of days prior to travelling to China on business, as well as any other time that the Foreign Secretary, Philip Hammond, is in China.

It is difficult to say whether or not these visas are adequate for travellers planning to travel to China for work. Most workers will acquire either a visa at the airport in their home country or an exit visa upon arrival in China. The rates for these visas will depend on the duration of the work contract, the amount of payment that the worker is receiving and the nature of the job that they are completing. For example, an engineering graduate would most likely obtain an exit visa for six months to one year and then be able to work in China for a specified period of time. Some Chinese authorities may even require that the workers involved completing an apprenticeship or an internship in order to acquire a work visa.

Travel to China by Plane – Some airlines do allow travelers to travel to China by plane. However, these flights are usually very busy and can be crowded. There are no direct flights from the United Kingdom into Beijing or from London to Shanghai. These flights only occasionally service Hong Kong or Beijing. It is impossible to ascertain whether or not these restrictions are related to health issues.

Travel to China by Sea – There are a few routes that allow for access to China by sea. However, these routes are generally used by traders and other individuals that do not hold a full passport or even have one. In addition, many of the shipping lanes through the sea are either closed to foreign vessels or severely restricted. International travelers are not permitted to exceed the maximum weight limit imposed by the maritime authorities. In addition, there are numerous restrictions on the types of fuel that can be used in the sea route between Asia and Europe. Most of these routes are imposed by the Chinese government and are strictly limited.

Travel to China by Air – Although there are commercial air services between many major cities in the world, there is no direct flight to China from the United Kingdom. The closest airports that serve China are in South Korea and Taiwan. There are no restrictions on travel to China from these two countries, but there are no flights to the United Kingdom from these locations. If there were, they would probably be overbooked and consequently would enforce an over-board entry ban.