Travel to China and Stay on in China

Before embarking on a trip to China, the first step is getting a visa for entry. This visa gives you permission to enter the country and leave when you want. The process of getting a visa and exit the country is very complicated in the bureaucracy so you must consult with your consular officers before leaving for China and learn all you can about the requirements.

Travel to China

To leave the country, you must leave on a scheduled visa from the Chinese Embassy. You will need to have all the required vaccinations upon departure. You can have one thirty days prior to your departure. The rules are very strict regarding the quarantine requirements. No non-essential travel will be permitted while you are in the country so you will want to plan ahead. The last two weeks of your quarantine period are the most important to make sure that all conditions are met.

When traveling to China, it is very important to have at least the correct passport in the correct format. Your passport must be valid for at least six months from the date of your original entry into the country. The reason for this requirement is to ensure that there are no mistakes made when clearing customs. The passport is your only proof of citizenship, much like when you enter the U.S. A temporary visa from the British embassy is required upon arrival so you can follow the same guidelines. When applying for your visa from the British embassy, you must include an itinerary and details of your intended journey.

There are some minor restrictions on travel to China. It is illegal for non-Chinese citizens to buy property in China without a purchase order from the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Similarly, the amount of money that a non-immigrant can take out of China is limited to $500. On the other hand, most people do not realize that there are many different categories of visitors in China. There are business people, students, visiting relatives, holiday makers, and even people who are on private studies.

When you are applying for your visa to enter China, you must have all of the necessary documents. These include proof of income, residence permit, exit permit, currency exchange certificate, employer’s registration card, and other relevant travel documents. All of these documents must be originals. You may wish to have a translator to translate your documents into Chinese so that your Chinese visa can be more accurate. Alternatively, you can have a friend or family member take care of translating your documents for you.

If you have to leave China and require a passport for departure, you will need to surrender your resident visa. Many foreigners who are arrested while crossing the border by the Chinese authorities are required by law to surrender their visa cards and residence permits in the event that they are detained. Failure to surrender these documents can result in fines and in some cases deportation. Tourists who are unable to reach a Chinese consulate to surrender their visa cards and residence permits are required by law to apply for exit visas.

When you are preparing to leave China, it is advised that you do not leave your identity behind with any tour guide or agent. You should ensure that you have a friend or family member to pick you up at the airport near your departure point. This will help reduce your risk of being picked up by the Chinese authorities when you arrive at your intended destination. It is also important that you do not carry any valuables with you when leaving China. You should use cash and ensure that you have the amount in your bank account to pay for any public security bureau fees, such as Chinese currency exchanges.

You should also be aware that there are several entry restrictions for tourists who are travelling to China. If you are travelling on a business visa, you are required to stay within the same work sector for a minimum of three consecutive years and that you will not take up employment in a company that does not have an office in China. As well, if you have purchased or acquired property in China and are intending to purchase goods from China to sell in the UK, you may be required to obtain a certificate of Import and Export (COI) from the Office of Economic Development in Beijing. The COI certificate will specify the value of goods that you have imported into China and the place from which you have bought them.