Travel to China – An Overview of Entry Ban Requirements

China is a large country and when you visit it, you may live among some of life’s most incredible adventures. There are so many barriers that can arise on the road to China, but with some incredible tips for traveling to China for your first time, now, you certainly can pass those challenges and you’ll certainly have the greatest vacation of your lifetime. So let’s take a look at some tips for first-timers.

The very first thing that you should do before you even leave for China is to get an invitation letter from the Chinese embassy. This will be required for anyone who is traveling to China and it also serves as a passport for you to enter the country. This is called the fast lane immigration clearance. It’s free and there are special offices in both cities that will help you out with this process.

After getting the invitation letter, get your visa cards from the Chinese consulate office. You should already have an appointment scheduled with the rectors of the immigration office that issue your work permits. These are the people who will be helping you with the visas for your Chinese nationals. Your visa stays valid for ninety days from the issuance date and you must return to the same office to renew it or get a new one. It’s very important to note that if you forget to renew it or apply for a new visa, then your stay in the country is canceled.

The next tip for first time travellers to China is to keep the number of your work permit handy. This can be obtained from the Chinese embassy once you’ve got your invitation letter from the consulate. Some Chinese nationals fail to notice the fact that their visa is valid only up till the time of renewal. Hence, they may forget to renew it before reaching the expiration date. First time travellers to China must undergo the fast lane system in order to avoid forgetting to renew their visa.

In addition to the above-mentioned tips, another important point is to acquire your original registration card from the Chinese consulate. You’ll use this registration card to gain access to the main office of your home country. You need to pay a visit to the Korean consulate also for obtaining a resident visa for Koreans. Remember to carry your original registration card with you whenever you visit the Korean embassy. Otherwise, your request for a visa will be turned down.

If you are traveling to China on business, one thing you need to remember is that the offices of the state-owned banks in the region that you are traveling to are often the most crowded. Hence, if you do not want to be stuck in a queue for banking procedures, ensure you book your flights early enough so as to avoid the peak hours. Traveling during off-peak hours can be much more affordable compared to the same transactions during normal business hours. If you are traveling to China on a budget, ensure you choose flights originating from the major cities in the region, as flying to smaller sized cities can be more expensive.

If you are travelling to China on a business trip, ensure you check with the local Chinese consulate or the China Development Center if they have any special information regarding business visas and residence permits. These authorities can be reached through phone, fax, online query form and the Chinese embassy. Most foreigners coming to China will need a working visa. Hence, it is important to apply immediately once you receive a confirmation. For people who are travelling on a tourist visa, the authorities can issue them an emergency exit permit upon departure. However, travelers arriving by plane without a visa will usually need an exit visa upon arrival.

The third category of travelers that require an entry ban are those travelling on Business Visits. Foreigners will need to stay three days prior to travelling to China on business trips. Three days prior to a Chinese border, visitors should apply for either an E visa or exit visa. To facilitate easy processing of applications, the relevant departments should be contacted via telephone, fax or e-mail and an application should be submitted within three business days.