Travel to China

China is a country that can open up your world. However there are many countries and places to see in China before you decide that it is time for you to travel there. If your idea of exploring China entails visiting Hong Kong, Macau, and Bangkok then it may be time to rethink that plan. There are other, more interesting places to explore in China before you head to Hong Kong and Macau.

Travel to China

Travel to China by Foreign nationals is strictly prohibited without special permission from the Chinese government. The current PRC government is cracking down on foreign nationals entering the country via China’s borders. There is currently a freeze on all travel to and from Hong Kong and Macau. Restrictions have been imposed on all non-Chinese citizens entering the country by flights and rail.

Chinese residency permits are required for most Chinese tourists wishing to visit Hong Kong, Macau and other Chinese-speaking countries. Foreign nationals who intend to work in China are required to have a Chinese nationality document for a work permit. Visas are also required upon arrival and exit for Chinese nationals working in Hong Kong and Macau. These requirements can be obtained from the Chinese Embassy, once you arrive in China. Otherwise, visit the China Foreign Ministry or visit the offices of the Office of Central Processing and Examination Commission in Taipei, Taiwan.

Travel to China by flight is not easy. You need an exit visa prior to leaving for China. The duration of your stay will depend on your departure visa. China has a separate system when it comes to issuing exit visas. For instance, prior to July 2021, no visa will be issued if you entered the country by plane without an exit visa. This guideline is in place to curb irregular migration and increase security.

Travel to China by train is not difficult either. Visas are easily procured, although a Chinese national looking to travel to Hong Kong or Macau must have a Chinese passport. On entering the country, your passport will be stamped with a three-digit Chinese national identification number (or CNIC). You will need to present this number at the immigration office upon receipt of your foreign visitor visa. You can also check with the Chinese embassy or any Chinese consulate in your area for instructions regarding your immigration process. You must also be aware that dual nationality or multi-nationality individuals are prohibited from getting a Chinese visa unless they have evidence of their nationality or residence elsewhere in the world.

There are some significant restrictions on Travel to China by air. Direct flights to Hong Kong and Macau are not allowed without a reservation, and if a flight to China is booked through a third party service, then the cost can be increased without prior notice. There are no direct flights from the United Kingdom into Beijing-he may use the local state-owned airline, but the cost will still be prohibitive. Your best option for Travel to China is by flying into Beijing via another country. If you so choose, there are many direct flights from and to the United Kingdom.

On February 15, 2021, the State-Owned Airline Enterprise of China restricted all flights to and from Hong Kong, Macau, and Taipei, effectively suspending all flights from these four cities. The reason for this action was a decision by the National Tourism Administration of China to withdraw from the promotion of flights to and from these areas on February 15th, according to Chinese media sources. The move followed persistent calls by Hong Kong and Tai Chi groups for the government to lift the ban. No flights have yet been scheduled for these cities.

The Chinese government has not released the text of the latest directive regarding the travel restrictions. However, the measures are expected to be widespread and drastic, in line with the recent directives issued by the central authorities of China regarding their citizens traveling abroad. It is expected that the measures implemented will affect travelers both from within the mainland China within fourteen days and from Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan within fourteen days. Both these cities are considered to be among the most popular destinations for tourists from the United Kingdom.