Travel to Canada With a Valid Passport and a Valid Canadian Permanent Reside Card

There are many reasons to travel to Canada and one of them is for a vacation. It’s a land filled with so much to do from visiting some of our natural wonders to exploring the urban landscape. Whether it is to relax or just to get away from it all and soak in the sun, there is so much to do in Canada to satisfy every traveler’s desires.

Travel to Canada

Requirements to enter Canada: To be considered an immediate family member, you must be in one of the following categories. US Citizens, children between the ages of six and seventeen years, persons who have been born in Canada and people who are dependent upon a parent or parents for health reasons. See the immigration requirements used to establish if you are eligible to enter Canada this useful tool was designed to provide you with an answer for most if not all reasons to enter Canada.

Requirements to stay in Canada: To be considered an immediate family member, you must be in one of the four categories listed above. The other three categories are “other than a family member”. You will need a study visa to live in Canada. There are also three types of work permits. These are the Skilled Regional Sponsored (Provinces only), the Employment Visa and the Employment Insurance. Some of these papers are available at Canadian immigration authorities.

How does a visitor to Canada gain access? For visitors, there are several options available for those immigrating to Canada. To get a visa, you must have a passport issued by the country you are visiting. To get a work permit, you must have a job that pays at least an amount that is equal to the income earned in the country you are visiting. And to be considered a Permanent resident, you must be in one of the four categories listed above as well as meet other country’s immigration requirements.

What documents do I need to apply for entry? When applying for either a visa-exempt foreign citizens must: Bring your Confirmation of Permanent Residence (IMM 5292) and a birth certificate. Bring a copy of your work permit.

Where do I send my application? To apply for either a visa-exempt foreign citizens must: Send application by mail to the Federal immigration authorities. To apply for a work permit, send application to the Employment and Immigration department. To apply for a social security number, send the application to the Social Development Department.

Why do I not need to have these relationships considered immediate family? The first reason is that relationships with Canadian citizens and residents outside Canada are not considered as immediate family. A spouse and common-law partner will not be considered as your immediate family. You will not be able to apply for immigration status for fear that they will not allow you to enter Canada. Furthermore, you cannot apply for status if you have entered Canada before joining your partner or spouse. Also, only these relationships are considered immediate family for tax purposes in Canada.

What documents are necessary to travel to Canada with a valid Canadian passport? Although Canadian citizenship is not required for travel within Canada, a valid Canadian passport is still required to enter Canada. In addition to a Canadian passport, you will need more general travel documents such as a visa, entry permit, health insurance, and other necessary travel documents.

What are the options for travel to Canada with a valid passport? You can choose to enter Canada by crossing the border through an International Border crossing as long as you have your passport with you. However, you may face problems if you overstay your visa or if you attempt to cross the border while lacking your passport. For these reasons, you are recommended to apply for admission prior to traveling to Canada. The access to the specialized website helps you find the right procedure for gaining admission into Canada.

Can I be refused entry if my country of citizenship is not Canada? There are several reasons why you might be refused entry at the international airport. Some reasons might be related to a person’s past criminal record. If you have been convicted of a crime, you should not have a Canadian passport because it does not simplify things for you when you are trying to exit and enter the country. In addition, there are some Canadian provinces that prohibit discrimination based on nationality. Therefore, if you are from a country that does not fall within the provisions of the Canadian Immigration law, then you might be refused entry into the country.

Can I still obtain travel insurance from my originating country? It is not compulsory for Canadians holding dual citizenship to travel to Canada with a valid Canadian permanent resident card and another Canadian passport. However, most airlines do expect Canadians with dual citizenship to carry at least one other kind of passport.