Travel to Canada – Temporary Resident

Travel to Canada

Travel to Canada – Temporary Resident

Travelling to Canada has never been easier with the development of air services by Canadian Airlines and Canadian Express. Just because you are moving to another country, does not mean you can neglect your duty to follow some of the basic laws of Canada. The first rule of Canada travel is to observe all the rules and regulations regarding immigration and residency, as well as the entry requirements for visiting Canada. Some of the main reasons people travel to Canada are to visit family members, make an educational trip, or visit any other reason related to tourism.

Please note, Canadian Air Canada applies travel Document requirements contained in the IATA Flight Information Manual, accessible on the IATA Travel Portal site. Please note also that the IATA portal is only accessible in English. If you need assistance, please contact the IATA Travel Service Desk using the email address provided in the resource box at the bottom of this page. You can access the Canadian Immigration and Quarantine Plan by clicking on “ISSCP.”

In accordance with the provisions of the Immigration and Quarantine Act, foreign nationals who intend to enter Canada must: have acquired the appropriate visa; have acquired permanent resident status in the country of their choice; have a passport that is capable of carrying an immigrant visa; and have completed the prescribed application form and obtained a receipt for payment. Foreign nationals who are eligible to travel to Canada may do so without the need for a visa. However, Canadian immigration officials will always check visa validity. Foreign nationals who are unable to enter Canada by any of these methods due to their security situation may still be eligible for entry under the points system of the Canadian Immigration Service.

Persons who are between the age of six weeks and fifteen years, who have parents or grandparents who are Canadian citizens, or who are members of the Children’s residency program can apply for an immigrant visa. Foreign national children of those categories will be allowed to enter Canada for a one year period if the child is not eligible for a visa. The duration of the sponsorship by an applicant to enter Canada is considered inadvisable if the applicant does not provide documentation to verify the relationship. Persons who are sponsors will need to present their valid Canadian passport for processing. Sponsorship is a permanent resident visa that cannot be cancelled.

Persons who are between the ages of six weeks and fifteen years, who have parents or grandparents who are U.S. citizens, can apply for an immigrant visa that will allow them to travel to Canada temporarily or permanently. However, there are certain restrictions that are placed on such people who wish to travel to Canada. The Canadian Immigration and Quarantine Service do not permit the entry into Canada of persons who are convicted of crimes involving weapons or dangerous drugs. Furthermore, any individual who was refused entry to the United States under the Visa Waiver Program and who wishes to travel to Canada must first apply for approval of a temporary resident card from the Canadian immigration authorities.

To be considered an immediate family member, you must be in one of the following categories. Canadian citizens; they cannot be considered immigrants if they do not have Canadian citizenship. Immigrants, including refugees who have obtained United Nations protection, but are Canadian residents, can apply for immigration status. Permanent residents can also apply for immigration status, but they cannot get a temporary resident visa until they are able to qualify for citizenship.

When arriving in Canada, you must have a valid passport. You can apply for an emergency passport online through the Canadian Immigration website, or at a local airport upon arrival. You can also apply for an overstayer’s permit, which is available at the airport or the Canada Immigration office where you applied for your passport. The applicant must prove that he or she will be able to depart from that country and return to Canada before the end of the period for which the permit is valid.

When arriving in Canada, a valid electronic visa stamp must be presented. To obtain an electronic visa stamp, follow the instructions found on the Bank of Canada website or at an authorized kiosk inside the airline’s terminal. A temporary resident visa will be required to depart from Canada. This visa cannot be replaced. Permanent residents and eligible guests can apply for a temporary resident visa at any time.