Travel to Canada and the US

If you are travelling to Canada and are planning to spend your Canada vacation in advance, we have a few tips for you! We suggest applying for your Canadian visa now so that your approval comes sooner and you can enjoy your vacation in more or less comfort. We suggest using a broker/agent to help secure your Canada visa. This will ensure that the process goes smoothly and you can arrive safely in Canada.

Travel to Canada

Travelling to Canada is no longer restricted to families or groups. Anyone travelling to Canada can now do so as long as they are over the age of 14 and can demonstrate that they meet other eligibility criteria. Due to the recent increases of the deadly Coronavirus infection (CO Vid- 19), we are now changing the way you apply for your permanent resident card. We recommend using an international immigration consultancy company that has access to government information. These agencies are fully authorized to provide support for both parties – you and your partner if you are travelling to Canada, and the country of citizenship if you are a permanent resident of Canada.

To keep your passport valid, you must follow all of the entry requirements outlined by the country of citizenship. In addition, you must apply for a temporary resident visa from the Canadian authorities and resettle in Canada once you have been granted approval. You can do so by visiting the Immigration, citizenship and Immigration services office, or any airport that has a Canada Border Services office near you. Alternatively, you can contact the office of Immigration, citizenship and Immigration services on the Internet.

Once you have obtained and provided all necessary information and once you have met the eligibility requirements, you can book your plane ticket to Canada either by purchasing a direct flight or via an airline or online. To avoid being turned down at the airport, it is advisable that you purchase a hold or transfer ticket. If you purchase a transfer ticket, ensure that the date of your departure from the country of citizenship is six months to a year before your intended date of arrival in Canada. This will ensure that the border crossing at Hemispheres would be open to you if and when your plane lands.

When travelling outside of Canada, there are three different ways that an individual can travel between cities inside Canada. The most popular way is to board a domestic flight and get off at the airport in Toronto, while travelling to either Vancouver or Montreal. A person can also choose to fly into another city first, then board a domestic or international flight and get off at the other airport. Finally, travelling from one point in Canada to another within the same country is a simple way of crossing the country using either an overland route or an ocean-crossing flight. However, when travelling from a foreign country into another, a person needs to have the electronic travel authorisation to stay in Canada.

When travelling within Canada, there are some essential tips that every traveller should follow to ensure the smoothest possible transition and to avoid unnecessary delays in their travel. First, familiarize yourself with all of the various ports of entry that exist in the country. In particular, there are three main entries for people travelling from the United Kingdom: Windsor, Quebec, and Niagara Falls, Ontario. Regular passport services do not allow you to cross borders using these ports of entry. Instead, you need to apply for a special non-immigrant or person category visa, which is available from the Canadian Immigration Department (IRD).

As well, travelling outside of Canada is not permitted without special permission from the Immigration and Customs Canada (ICSC). For instance, if you are travelling to Eastern Canada (Ottawa – Gatineau) by road, and want to drive there, you will need to apply for a temporary resident visa, and show proof that you are fully vaccinated US citizens. Similarly, if you are travelling between two countries, and you would like to drive from one port of entry into another, you must apply for a permanent resident visa. Finally, travelling between Canada and the US requires proof that you are a US citizen or a Canadian citizen eligible to receive permanent residency from the Immigration Canada Office.

As has been noted at the outset, travelling between Canada and the US requires that you have a valid reason for travelling, as well as being in compliance with some of the country’s immigration and quarantine laws. To this end, it is important to ensure that you obtain a proper visa from the Canadian Immigration Department, which is available from the IRD. Once you have obtained an immigrant visa, you will need to register with the nearest Canadian customs office, which is usually located in Toronto. Furthermore, travellers arriving by land will be required to provide proof of citizenship upon arrival. Finally, to facilitate air travel between Canada and the US, airports in both countries offer temporary air traffic control, which is also available from the Canadian Immigration Department.