Travel Tips to the USA

Travel to USA

Travel Tips to the USA

Travel to USA is normally subject to a visa requirement; however, British citizens can enter the USA, its territories and their possessions if they have been lawfully in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Canada, Brazil, or China within the last 14 days. There are three visa categories for British citizens. These are the Student Waivers, Skilled Worker Visas and the Business Visa.

Student visa: US authorities require students to be enrolled full time in a college or university of their choice for a minimum of five years preceding their intended departure. Parents or legal guardians must also be allowed to accompany the student. For students currently studying in USA, the duration of stay will be dependent on the regular schedule of study and will either be six months or one year from the date of expiry of the student’s passport. After one year, the student is eligible for an immigrant visa and a British citizenship after a further ninety days. The renewable resident visa is valid for two years and must be renewed annually.

Skilled worker visa: Skilled workers are persons who are registered as employees with the US Department of Labor (DOL) and have acquired the necessary certification or qualification to work in the USA. A valid passport is not required to apply for the visa. To get an Electronic Visa Card, one needs to visit the Employment hub of the US Department of Labor and present a valid photo ID and a copy of the Skilled Worker Card. The processing time taken for getting an E visa depends on the frequency of processing of visa applications. Some visa processing times are faster than others.

Business visa: An individual not wanting to enter the USA during his/her vacations, or is on business expansion in the USA, can apply for an Electronic Visa. This is valid for a period not exceeding 90 days and must be renewed on return to the country. Businessmen are eligible to get these E visas easily. These documents are collected at the port of entry and submitted along with relevant visa fee. After one year, the skilled worker is eligible for an immigrant visa and a British citizenship. The renewable resident visa is valid for two years and must be renewed annually.

Nonimmigrant visa: Nonimmigrant visa is not allowed to the US citizens. But, tourists who are passing through the USA on a visit visa are allowed to stay for a longer period. To apply for a tourist visa, one needs to visit the consular office and present a detailed application. After approval of the application, the applicant can proceed to the visa office for collection. The process takes about three months.

Change of Address: There are certain situations when an individual may need to change his address in USA. For instance, a person who has been living in USA for more than six months may require to obtain another address. To avoid getting stuck in any legal wrangle, one should visit the port of entry and change of address before traveling to USA. In case of emergency, someone still has to get a U.S. visa. In this case, his old address will still be valid and he can continue with his journey.

Document for Traveling outside of USA: Any traveler outside of the U.S. is required to have a copy of his passport or green card. This document is also needed while applying for a tourist visa. The reason for which one is traveling outside U.S. is solely decided by the authorities. In some cases, it is not required for people who are traveling for business purposes. The consul will provide the details of requirements on the application form. It is important to check the legality of traveling destination and if the procedure of visa would be same as when traveling inside the United States

Stay in USA for 90 days or more: If you are a non-immigrant or a non-citizenship, you are legally required to stay in the united states for 90 days. You may obtain an immigrant visa by providing a valid reason and filling visa form. The time of stay depends on the type of your visa. For more information and details, please contact the nearest American consul.