Travel Sydney – The Most Popular Holiday Destination in Australia

travel Sydney

Travel Sydney – The Most Popular Holiday Destination in Australia

The Sydney Opera House is an iconic multi-stage performing arts venue in Sydney, Australia. It is among the most admired and unique buildings of the twentieth century. It is home to the world renowned Sydney Symphony Orchestra and the Sydney Philharmonic Orchestra.

The Opera House was originally built by Sir John Templeton in 1875. As time passed by, it was expanded and modernized. At present, it has five floors including the main theatre, opera house and the main building. The Opera House also houses the Sydney Cricket Stadium, the Sydney Aquarium and the Sydney Maritime Museum. It also hosts the Opera Australia Festival.

The Opera Australia Festival celebrates the rich culture of Australia, its people and its arts. Since the Opera Australia Festival was first held in 1957, it has been held every year at various locations all across Australia. Every year, the Festival draws millions of visitors from all over the world. Some of the popular Festival activities include performances by major Australian artists such as Luke Kelly, Graham Nash, Paul Dowley and David Lodge.

Apart, from the Opera Australia Festival, the Sydney Opera House also hosts many other cultural events. In addition to being home to the Sydney Philharmonic Orchestra and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, it also features a variety of cultural shows. It houses a collection of theatres and stages. It was previously the home to the Royal Competition Theatre before it was moved to the West End in 1997.

A huge number of tourists visit the Opera House each year. Many come for the various performances of the Sydney Philharmonic Orchestra. There are also many other events which attract a large audience during the year. Some of the events that draw thousands of people include the Sydney International Comedy Festival, the Sydney Jazz Festival and the Sydney International Book Festival.

While in the Sydney Opera House, one can also experience the opera itself. The Opera Australia Festival is a very popular event and attracts a large crowd to the Opera Australia Centre each year. However, the opera is not just about entertainment; it also includes musical pieces which can be quite mesmerizing. Some of these musical pieces include ‘The Marriage of Figaro’, ‘La Traviata’, ‘Sweeney Todd’Company’.

Apart from the Opera Australia Festival, there are other cultural events that are held in the Opera Australia Center which can be attended on a regular basis. The Sydney Film Festival is another great source for entertainment. It showcases different films from different parts of the world, both old and new. It also screens popular movies and documentaries in various languages. In addition to the film festivals, there are also several exhibitions.

Travel Sydney accommodation options are varied and one can easily find a suitable hotel that offers good facilities. There are hotels, inns, self catering apartments.

There are various budget hotels located around the city. These hotels provide comfortable stay at reasonable rates. These hotels are also located close to attractions, so one can enjoy them without having to spend too much money.

On the other hand, there are also some luxury hotels located in the city. The luxury hotels in Sydney offer lavish services and provide complete comfort to their guests. They are located in various areas of the city, including the CBD, Bondi Beach, Sydney Olympic Park, Circular Quay and other places which are well visited by tourists.

The choice of the hotel largely depends on the budget. One has the option of choosing between budget hotels or luxury hotels depending upon the budget which he or she has available.

One can also choose between the various airlines offering cheap flights to Sydney as there are numerous budget and luxurious airlines which offer these flights to this city. The cheapest flight to Sydney is provided by the Stanair airline.