Travel Sydney – Discover the Best Things to Do and See in This One of a Kind City

The Sydney CBD and Opera House are world famous and the ultimate destinations for tourists. Having toured the entire city, here are some of the best places to visit while travelling around Sydney. Read on and discover a treasure trove of history, culture and festivals that make this city a perennial favorite.

travel Sydney

If you are looking for history and places of interests, your best bet is to visit the English-language Sydney Public Library. The library has a vast array of reference materials to peruse and book in the English language. Another fun attraction is the library’s new Children’s Centre, where the entire children’s section is organized into a mini town with a cafe, bookshops and even a small zoo.

The Melbourne Zoo offers visitors an up close and personal experience with the adorable koalas, as well as the magnificent Australia Zoo. The Zoological Gardens also contain a world-class bird sanctuary and a popular children’s water playground. For up close and personal encounters with Sydney’s native animals, head to the Glenelg Zoo, just north of Central Park.

The cosmopolitan city has many financial and business centers. These areas include the University of Technology, Martin Place, St. Luke’s, Lindt CafĂ© and Sydney Opera House. These entertainment and cultural destinations offer some of the most prominent and best restaurants in the city. If you want to eat out, head to the Opera House Restaurant, one of the most exquisite dining experiences in the world.

You can pick up some good souvenirs at the Vickers Gallery or visit the Central Station Museum. Both have fascinating exhibits and you can expect to learn about the historical and cultural significance of the area. Then go shopping at some of the amazing fashion boutiques located in the trendy Sydney CBD.

You may be planning a trip with your family, so you may want to select your destinations on your own special taste. For example, the Garden Island is a must visit if you are a wine lover. Many restaurants serve contemporary Australian dishes and some have exquisite wine collections.

The Royal Botanic Gardens is known for their scenic beauty, beautiful flora and fauna and many rare species of plants. The Newcastle Botanic Gardens is unique in that you can see some of the more famous species of Australia in their natural environment. The Blue Mountains is another perfect destination for hiking enthusiasts, as well as an ideal place to relax and recharge.

It is sometimes easier to explore Sydney by car trip. There are various options available from excellent driving tours to overnight accommodation. Choose from historic routes to scenic roads and see the excitement and fun that are waiting to be had.

With the Sydney metropolitan region’s extensive public transport system, you can visit places that are miles away. Whether you prefer city bikes, buses or trains, you can get there in an easy and comfortable way.

If you prefer your exploring with a bit of culture, why not take a ferry or two to visit the River Murray? This is a beautiful stretch of water running through the heart of Sydney that flows through the heart of the city. Take a walk along the river and watch the ducks and other birds as you float along on the bank.

The New Jersey is a wonderful tourist location to visit. You can stop in on the many Sydney hotels, as well as other important sights like the National Gallery, Botanical Gardens and Sydney Opera House. If you want to enjoy fine dining in Sydney, try one of the different restaurants in the CBD.

Because of all the wonderful things to do and see, it is no wonder that more people are making trips to Sydney. Don’t miss out on the thrills and the fun that are Sydney’s offerings.