Travel Insurance – A Must for Your Trip to the USA

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Travel Insurance – A Must for Your Trip to the USA

The question “what can I travel to USA during Covidar” is very common among people planning to move to the USA or to stay in USA permanently. To answer this question you need to know the legal requirements of moving to USA, requirements for getting an immigrant visa and requirements for getting a Green Card. The first three items mentioned are mandatory to be obtained prior to travelling to USA. The fourth requirement, obtaining a Green Card, is not mandatory, but it will facilitate your eligibility for American citizenship and can be used to travel back to the country as a naturalized US citizen. Getting an immigrant visa to USA is usually not difficult if you have an immediate family and a good job prospects in USA.

Tourist insurance plans are popularly known as tipponee abroad or tourist insurance in USA. This type of insurance policy is very useful for tourists who are residing and working permanently in USA and for those who are visiting USA for the first time. It is available to all categories of visitors to the USA irrespective of their duration or purpose. Tourist insurance plans are offered by many companies including AIG and Allstate.

There are two types of insurance plans available under this category namely Third Party and Guaranteed or Mixed coverage. You can buy travel and insurance plans for single or multiple trips. The coverage includes accidental death, dismemberment, loss or damage to limbs, personal injury, medical coverage, legal assistance, burial and loss of limbs. If you have purchased Travel to USA by a Major Nationality Underwriter, you will get coverage for your trip. However, if you are purchasing Travel to USA by a Private Party, you may consider buying traveler’s insurance plans from a private insurer that specializes in travel insurance for nationals from USA.

People who are traveling to the USA for certain medical treatment should consider getting Health Insurance. These policies generally provide coverage for hospitalization, chemotherapy, physiotherapy, dental treatment, infertility treatments, etc. In some cases, insurance companies offer coverage for other services such as psychotherapy, counseling and chiropractic services. Most Health Insurance policies also cover pre-existing conditions.

Although the Health Insurance plans offered by the Health Maintenance Organizations cover a large number of medical expenses, people who travel to USA frequently need more comprehensive medical coverage. Some of the basic types of medical coverage provided by these insurance plans include emergency room care, orthopedics, rehabilitation, cardiology, dermatology, pediatrics, plastic surgery, podiatry, respiratory services, psychotherapy, allergies and physical therapy. There are many types of plans available, covering different medical expenses from simple office visits to major surgical operations.

If you travel to USA regularly for your business purposes, you must be aware of the fact that you need to purchase Travel Insurance before traveling to USA. Such insurance provides coverage for loss or theft of luggage, accidental death or dismemberment, trip cancellation, delayed or interrupted air tour, sudden illness, and liability. A few of the common Travel Insurance plans offer coverage for sports and recreation activities. Usually, most Travel Insurance policies provide coverage for children below 18 years of age, pregnant women, and physically handicapped individuals. These plans offer the best protection for your travel safety.

Most of the Travel Insurance policies have a deductible amount which is paid by you before the insurance company pays anything. It is better to pay the deductible amount in full, in case of an emergency or when you experience some medical problem during your trip. The premium of the Travel Insurance also depends upon the coverage you select for your trip. Different insurance companies offer different coverage options and you can select a policy offering comprehensive medical coverage with low premium. Before selecting a plan, you should always try to know about the reputation of the company over the internet. You can read reviews and testimonials to evaluate the trustworthiness and reliability of the company.

When you travel to USA, the travel insurance can be used as an economical alternative to the regular insurance policies. As compared to the regular insurance plans, Travel Insurance policies are not as expensive as they sound. It is true that the premium of the Travel Insurance policies is high but it is cheaper than the other insurance policies. There are several insurance policies available in the market, but if you want to save money and want to get a hassle-free travel, then the Travel Insurance policies are the best option. So, make a wise decision and select the best plan from a reputed Travel Insurance Company.