Travel Advice on Travel to China

Travel to China

Travel Advice on Travel to China

You may be able to travel to China, through other countries such as India or Russia. However, there are some issues you should consider before leaving for China. If you want to travel to China the right way, you must plan your trip with diligence and be realistic about your expectations. Otherwise, it could end up as a nightmare and a waste of time and money.

On March 27, entry by foreign nationals to the People’s Republic of China was temporarily stopped. This was in response to calls from the United Nations, which called for a review of the current practices involving entry into China by foreign nationals. The current situation has been complicated by the recent clampdown on Chinese citizens attempting to travel abroad. There are reports that over a dozen foreigners have died trying to reach China.

In recent years, many foreigners have become citizens of another country while simultaneously maintaining their rights to reside and work in China. Some of these citizens are Chinese citizens who have taken advantage of the special provision within the Law of Foreign Trade (LFT) allowing them to reside and work in China. These persons have valid rights to reside in China. However, when they wish to leave the country for any reason – including retirement or employment opportunities – they must comply with their originating country’s foreign citizenship law. For example, U.S. citizens cannot exit the country without the express permission of the U.S. consulate.

As you travel to China, you will have to comply with their customs and quarantine regulations. Specific information regarding travel to China is now being required to be submitted in advance to ensure a smooth procedure. You will find that most of this information has already been issued through the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This includes details regarding their current travel advisories and restrictions. If you have not reviewed these documents, it is wise to do so prior to traveling to China.

Chinese authorities require all foreign nationals to register with the local Chinese Embassy prior to departure. Registration is required for those wishing to enter China for the first time and those travelling back from a visit abroad. Individuals travelling between China and the U.S. may need a visa. For those travelling internationally, registration with the relevant departments in both countries is necessary. The requirements for registration vary between departments but typically includes the name, date of birth, passport, contact number and destination.

Upon registration, travelers are required to appear in person before a visa inspector at the Chinese embassy or any other designated entry point. Their appearance is required for processing of their visa. During this visit, you may be asked to submit documentation proving your identity, such as your passport. Further, it is important to declare where and when you will be travelling during your stay in China. As well as stating when you will be travelling, a visitor card may also be required.

As part of your visa process, you will likely be required to present proof of your registration, including your passport. Visas are only granted for a specified period of time and cannot be renewed. When visiting China for business purposes, you will likely be required to leave and return to your country of origin on a regular basis, usually every 12 months. In addition to coming into compliance with exit ban requirements, you will also need to provide evidence of your continued residence in China. It is common for Chinese authorities to request evidence of this on a continuous basis, especially after an expiry date on your visa.

If you are unable to present all of the documentation that is required, your entry requirements will be delayed or even cancelled. In addition to being turned down for a tourist visa, you may also find that your business permit is also being discontinued. If you are unable to leave and return to your home country due to your business travel to China, you may be faced with penalties or charges on your return trip. For this reason, it is advisable to seek travel advice from a professional Beijing travel consultancy firm that specializes in advising on Chinese immigration, including what documentation you will need and when you can expect to be able to leave and return to your home country.