Top 3 Things to Do & See on Your Trip to Europe

Many Americans have long been hoping that winter and fall would bring the dreaded pandemic fade and travel to Europe completely free of any contagious illnesses. However, the new “disease wave” affecting swine flu has thrown quite a monkey wrench into the works, with new travel warnings and restrictions in place across the region. With many travelers scrambling to get away before the pandemic ebbs away, it is unlikely that travel to Europe will return to previous levels anytime soon.

The most notable of the travel restrictions comes in the form of a new color-coded travel restriction map created by the European Council for Safety measures. The organization estimates that one out of every eleven travelers to Europe may be at risk of contracting the deadly Swine Flu virus this season. In addition, there are new recommendations being offered by the European Commission as well as Eurocare, the agency responsible for overseeing the safety of travelers within the continent. There are also recommended travel dates that have been added to the respective country’s travel websites.

The first recommendation is to avoid travel to south-eastern Europe. The commission is recommending that travellers traveling to southern Europe either should avoid Milan or the surrounding region altogether and that they seek to visit cities such as Bordeaux, Cluj, Marseille, and Barcelona instead. The commission is also advising travellers to avoid using direct flights to south-eastern Europe. There is even a recommendation for travelling between Tuesday and Thursday only. Even though this might seem like a hassle, there are numerous benefits to be gained from avoiding the time zone that would otherwise divide Italy and Spain, and allow them to enjoy a greater connection.

Next there is a recommendation to use an international airline when traveling between the United States and Europe. This is because there are currently sanctions being imposed on passengers from certain countries who fail to acquire a visa waiver for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. When travelling between the United States and the European Union, travellers need to have their visa paperwork in order to leave the country for Europe.

Traveling to Europe has been made easier due to recent improvements in air travel services. Travellers can now choose from direct flights between the US and Europe or they can choose a routing that allows them to fly between the United States and various different European countries. Many business travellers also prefer to travel this way due to the fact that it saves them money. It is also advised that travelers use an international airline for travel between the US and Canada.

For travelers looking for a relaxing experience, going to France is an option worth exploring. France is considered to be the cultural and intellectual capital of Europe. There are various attractions that can be found in France and all of them are worth exploring. There are many places that are considered to be very beautiful in France including the Louvre Museum, Eiffel Tower, and the Champs Elysees. These public art museums are filled with artwork belonging to different artists belonging to various centuries. Many of these art museums are open to the public and free of charge, although visitors are not allowed to touch any of the art pieces inside of the museum.

Another attraction that is worth exploring while visiting France is the Cannes Festival which runs from May to June. The festival consists of film festivals, musical concerts, and parades. For travelers interested in the arts, there is a newly launched Eurostar train that departs from the United Kingdom and journeys throughout France taking in various cities including Paris, Cannes, and Antibes among many others. There is a color-coded map available that is used by travelers to identify their trains on the new case rate maps of Europe.

Tourists are encouraged to visit Portugal as it is considered to be an up and coming tourist spot in Europe. There are many interesting and popular sights to see while visiting Portugal such as the Lisbon Zoo and the colourful Portuguese Marketplace. Traveling through Portugal can be completed within two weeks provided that travelers have the necessary travel documents. These documents include passports and temporary visas. Most travelers are issued renewable visas upon arrival in Portugal.