Tips to Travel to China For the First Time

Effective January 22nd the Chinese government will implement a new entry ban for travelers to China. The reason that I am writing this post is to inform you that travel to China is now banned until the new policy is lifted. If you are from the USA or Canada then you are lucky, many Americans and Canadians have lost their vacations over this new policy.

Travel to China

Why does this ban affect you? Well, if you are from the USA or Canada and you are travelling to China to visit family or friends there are some things that you need to know before leaving for your trip. First of all you will need to obtain a temporary resident visa (TRV) or work permit before travelling to China. This process can take anywhere from one to four weeks. Some travellers have been able to do it in thirty minutes.

Your chances of having your TRV or work permit approved in advance of your trip are slim to none. You are required to apply for a visa in your home country through the American embassy or Canadian embassy prior to travelling to China. These types of visas usually take about six months to a year to be processed depending on your residence and country of citizenship. Many Chinese students studying abroad also do not have an option to obtain a visa through their colleges and universities.

The main reason that travellers will be banned from travelling to China is because of the recent outbreak of MERS in China. This is a transmittable disease caused by the Varroa mite. It can easily be transmitted amongst foreign nationals when they visit China or live there long term. MERS was previously found in Hong Kong and Taiwan but has rapidly spread into other countries like India, Pakistan and others. MERS symptoms include severe fever, chills, skin lesions and blistery oral sores.

There have been cases of people travelling to China from South Korea, Japan and other Asian countries who have been diagnosed with the virus. The only way to avoid getting infected is by checking your medical history thoroughly before travelling. If you already have one or more open cases of MERS, the best way to avoid being slapped with an entry ban is to ensure that your medicals are up to date. It is important to note that even if your case is not considered positive, you could still be banned entry due to another reason.

The most effective March 2021 entry ban on travel to China was implemented as a reaction to the earthquake and subsequent flood in Sichuan. This occurred after several thousand residents lost their lives. Most of the deaths were in the cities of Fengshan and Chongqing. It is believed that the ban was implemented to prevent the spread of the deadly virus to other cities in the region. The revised Chinese immigration policy now makes it compulsory for all foreigners wishing to travel to China to obtain and stay in visa applications approved by the PRC.

A few tips to travel to China for the first time include taking a close look at your visa requirements prior to setting out. Many people who do not hold valid travel visas do not leave the country until they receive them. This often means that they miss out on the most attractive holiday destinations and cost quite a bit of money when trying to get there. You can learn more about the different types of visas available and which ones are required for traveling to China by checking the Department of State’s webpage on Chinese visas.

There are many Chinese tour packages available and it is likely that many of these will be suspended flights and tours. The most effective January 2021 will be able to help first time travelers get their visas for traveling to China. One of the best ways to get to know the country and its various points of interest is by reading travelogues and manuals on China. It is possible to find several popular books, as well as the state-owned airline that will provide you with great information about the country.