Tips on Visa Waiver For Visiting USA

Tourist Visa is referred to as B1/B2 tourist visa for international travel to the United States of America legally. In order to obtain a visa to travel to US, you have to apply for a tourist visa through the Federal Bureau of Immigration. You need to follow the right procedure to get visa fast.

Travel to USA

Generally tourists visa is available for a stay not longer than one year, though some countries allow three-year tourist visas to be obtained. There are certain rules that are followed by the applicants while applying for tourist visa for USA. You need to follow the correct step in order to get fast tourist visa for USA. If you don’t follow proper procedure then the visa will be rejected.

In order to get fast tourist visa for USA, you have to follow certain rules and guidelines prescribed by the federal government. Before applying for a tourist visa for USA you have to ensure that you have some of the basic requirements. The first and foremost thing you have to ensure is that you are above 18 years of age, with your identity proof, capable of submitting your application on behalf of self, not a dependent of any family member, not a public charges sufferer, eligible for US immigration, eligible language, English proof, presence of all proofs mentioned in the application, and if you want to settle in the country for more than one year, you should be able to provide proof of funds. Above all you have to have a genuine reason to migrate to USA.

Visa for Travel to USA is required to enable you to travel around the country legally. The process of approval and visa cancellation is faster if you follow correct steps. If you have applied for tourist visa through United Nations High Commission for refugees, then you can get fast approval as you do not need to wait for ninety days for getting the travel visa. Therefore, this option is best for those who have urgent requirements for traveling to USA.

If you are unable to obtain approval for a tourist visa from the US authorities and you are unable to travel to USA due to some serious illness or death in your family, then you should apply for b1 visitor visa. B-1 visitor visa is for one year stay or for so many months that you wish to remain in the country. If you are a national of US and if you have a job or if you have a student or teacher visa, then you can apply for the b-2 visitor visa. B-2 visitor visa is not required for visiting relatives as you can apply and get approval for this visa on your own. On the other hand, if you are not eligible for the b-2 visitor visa and you want to visit USA for remaining for longer duration of time, then you should apply for the stay visa.

Besides applying for tourist visa through the federal government or via an agent, you can also visit the consular office of the United States of America to apply for the nonimmigrant visa. The application for a nonimmigrant visa should be done through the Federal Bureau of Consular Affairs. If you are visiting the united states via an air plane or sea, then you have to get admission in the port of origin. After getting admission in the port of origin, you should proceed to the consular office. There, the visa officer will process your visa.

If you have obtained an immigrant visa and if you are planning to visit us, then it is very important for you to obtain a visa waiver program before you go to the United States. Visa Waiver is another name given to an immigrant visa. This visa waives the legal requirement of getting the approval of the American government for entering the country. Visa Waiver program was introduced by the US congress to facilitate people who are victims of any harmful condition like cancer who want to visit us. Cancer is one of the dangerous diseases, which is most common among immigrants. So, if you have acquired visa inadmissibility due to this condition, do not go to United States without getting the visa waiver program first.

As per the law, an alien cannot go to another country if he or she does not possess a valid passport or a passport with expired validity. If you do not posses a valid passport, then you can either get a normal passport or an enhanced passport by exchanging the b1 visa holder (green card) with the Department of State. You should remember that b1 visa holder is not the same as b visa. An enhanced passport carries some other benefits as well.