Tips on Travel to USA

The first step to obtain a US visa, whether by flight, train or bus is to register with an approved US consular unit. These units can be found throughout the USA and are staffed with highly trained professionals who are fluent in English. In many cases, they will also have a visa number which can be used to book flights to the USA. As well as registering with the consular unit, non-US residents will also need to apply for an immigrant visa.

The purpose of applying for an immigrant visa is that you wish to become a legal permanent resident of the USA. To do this, you must first register with the USCIS. You then submit proof of identity and of your lawful permanent residence to the USCIS. This includes a copy of a birth certificate, naturalization certificate, or passport (if travelling outside of the US). Once your application is received, it will usually be processed within three to four weeks.

Once the application has been submitted, it needs to be forwarded to the USCIS by the traveller’s port of entry. There are different ways in which non-US residents can send their application to the USCIS, but usually, this involves visiting the nearest embassy. However, if you are travelling from a country that does not support diplomatic correspondence with the USA, such as Mexico, the fastest and easiest way to send your application to the consulate is by telephone. There is a call centre that speaks both languages, so that your application is handled in an even manner.

As previously mentioned, once your application has been received, it will be processed and it could take anywhere from three to four weeks to receive a decision. At that point, you will either be granted citizenship (either as a green card or as a visa), or you will be required to obtain an immigrant visa. For some, their visa may be denied while others, especially those who have a criminal record, will have their visa declined. If your application is denied, then you may be able to appeal with the US Immigration Services. There is also the possibility of a leave to remain (LTR) with a US lawful permanent resident that is sponsored through family immigration programs.

For some individuals, the likelihood of approval and visa placement are higher than others. If your situation is one that is likely to result in a green card or visa approval, you will need to work hard on your visa application. To qualify for a LTR, for example, you will generally need to have a US employer who will sponsorship your visa. Many individuals with a green card do not know that they can sponsor their own visa and, therefore, do not pursue the option to obtain a LTR.

In most cases, it can take up to two years to get a green card or visa approved. It can take even longer for an individual who has a criminal record or is in violation of any US immigration law. Your visa might be rejected if you do not have enough evidence to support your case.

There are some circumstances that will make it easier to obtain an immigrant visa. If you have immediate family coming to visit or if you plan to travel as part of a group, you should be approved for a visa fast. For example, if you have relatives who are US citizens or legal permanent residents and if you will be living with them in the USA, you will not have to wait for two years to get your green card. You should also take into account any other dependents that you have that are US citizens or legal permanent residents. If you have children who are US citizens or legal permanent residents, or if you plan to travel with them to the USA, you will need to use the fast-track process. If you do not have immediate family coming to visit or if you want to travel in a group, you should apply for a normal tourist visa.

Once you have received your visa, you can start preparing for your trip. Pack light! You may find that you will have to depart from a different airport to where you were redirected from if you are returning to the US from Canada. Check the status of your Green Card regularly. Make sure that you have obtained the right number of work permits and visas. This will ensure that you will not be stopped at border crossings when you are traveling between the US and Canada.