Tips on Travel to USA

Travel to USA

Tips on Travel to USA

Tourist Visa is referred as B1/B2 tourist visa or foreign visitor visa to the United States of America for traveling to USA. Generally, you can apply for tourist visa online by filling up an application form with details like date of birth, name etc of yourself or your family members. However, there are certain things that should be taken care while applying for your visa. You should apply online with extreme care because an incorrect submission may result in cancellation of your visa. The processing of your visa takes around three to five working days.

An applicant of tourist visa to the US must prove two important things to the USCIS recruiter. The first thing to be proved is your nationality or citizenship. The second important point is that you should not be a national of a public safety concern in any country. In other words, you have to prove that you cannot be a danger to the American people while traveling to USA whether it is for work school, study or any other reason.

An applicant of US tourist visa for travel to USA needs to show that he/she possesses the qualifications required to receive a normal immigrant status in the USA. These qualifications are B-2 visa for travel to USA or Green card for stay and work. B-2 visa or green card enables an immigrant to work legally in the USA for a specific period not exceeding one year. B-2 visa cannot be applied for if the applicant is planning to enter the USA for work.

B-1 visitor visa and medical treatment in the united states require some proof. For this purpose you should provide a letter from the doctor that states that your health condition requires special medical care and a copy of the medical insurance policy. Also you need to present passport-like photographs of yourself and also those of any other member of your family.

Medical examination and inspection of your body are very essential part of the procedure for applying for a US visa for travel to USA. For this purpose agents of the consular department in USA will be able to help you. You have to get all the papers in order and present them along with the prescribed fee to the US consul at the port of entry. Your passport must be original and expired last year. Otherwise you will receive a refusal notice.

Another option for B-1 visa and B-2 visa applicants who are traveling with family is to apply for the USA tourist visa online. On the website of the consulate you have to fill in a visa application form and submit it. The application will be forwarded to the concerned US consuls for processing. It usually takes three weeks to process a visa application through the online facility.

B-1 visa and B-2 visas are separate visas. B-1 visa is needed to enter the US soil for business purposes, while the B-2 is needed to enter the US for pleasure purposes. Hence, in case of business visa you have to provide proof of business purpose to the customs officer at the port of entry. On the other hand in case of tourist visa you just need to present certificate of identity, date of birth, and place of stay.

Another important thing that one needs to know is that if his or her spouse is traveling with you to USA, then he or she needs a separate b1 visa holder (usually referred to as an LPR). The main purpose behind the requirement of separate b1 visa holder is to avoid mixing the US citizens and the non-US citizens who are going to stay in USA under the same Visa. The same applies in case of non-US citizen family members coming to USA. Hence, it is advised that before applying for a tourist visa, you should ask your spouse to accompany you. It also helps to provide necessary documents like employment contracts, marriage certificates, death certificates, etc.