Tips For Traveling to USA

It is true that the United States of America is among the top tourist destinations in the world. It is also true that the tourism industry in the USA is one of its own kinds and highly profitable. People from all over the world visit the USA to enjoy its unparalleled natural beauty and resources. Since the recent pandemic outbreak, travelers have been updating the news about USA on interactive travel maps to assist you in planning your future trips better.

There are basically two kinds of tourist visas available in the US: Nonimmigrant Visa and Immigrant Visa. Nonimmigrant visa is applicable to people who want to visit the country for less than a year. They can get this visa by showing proof of the eligibility of the US government for US National Interests. immigrant visa-holders are allowed to enter the country for a period ranging between three months to an entire year. They are required to follow all the basic requirements of the law such as showing proof of US citizenship or green card.

Both types of visitor visa are available to persons having an intention to travel to the country for business or educational purpose. Green card holder is the only one who is entitled to the visa by virtue of the Immigration and Adjustment Act of 1967. Anyone having an immigrant visa or nonimmigrant visa is eligible for an immigrant visa, once he or she submits an application. The applicant is required to go to US consular affairs office and submit necessary documents pertaining to his or her intended travel. On approval, the applicant can enter the country freely.

Nonimmigrant Visas is easier to get than the immigrant visa. All you need to do is to visit US consular affairs office and submit your application for a tourist visa. In some cases, the visa is granted within two months. The processing time may be much faster in the case of the immigrant visa. The tourist visa is valid for a limited period and needs to be renewed every year. Renewal is usually done at the port of entry.

An immigrant visa needs to be applied for before traveling to USA. If you have already obtained your green card, you may skip the process of applying for an immigrant visa. However, if you have not acquired your green card, you should immediately apply for the visitor visa and take passport with photo.

There are certain steps that you should follow to apply for a visitor visa. Firstly, visit the visa office and fill up the application form. You will need to provide all the necessary documents. Some documents required for the visitor visa are passport, fee registration, proof of income, payment of visa fee and copies of annual expiration notice. After filling up the application completely, you should hand-write the answers or return it in the original paper.

Next, you must attend the interview. During the interview, you will be asked many questions regarding your work experience and qualifications. You will also be asked questions related to your past travels to USA. It is important to be honest and sincere while answering the questions. After the interview, you must pay the visa fee in cash.

To apply for a tourist visa, you can visit the USA Visa office in New York or any other US consulate abroad. However, if you do not have a visa yet and wish to travel to USA by flight, you can check out the airlines whose schedule does not include holiday or tour packages. You should book your ticket in advance to avoid any last minute hassle. Once you get a confirmation about your visa, you must return to the USA to get your passport.