Things to Remember Before Traveling to Pakistan

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Things to Remember Before Traveling to Pakistan

Travel to USA can be an exiting experience with all the attractions lined up on the shoreline of this great country. It is a land of diversity where different people from all walks of life, cultures and races get mingled together in perfect harmony. The USA offers a lot in terms of its diversity. This is one country that has something to offer to everyone.

Visa complications while traveling to USA can be eliminated with the help of the well established and experienced visas consultants. There are many countries which have tourist offices in the USA. All you need to do is fill up visa application forms and obtain visa for stay in the USA. There are separate applications for legal and medical stay.

When it comes to visa requirements, those who travel frequently will have to obtain visitor visas regularly. There are different rules for tourists than for stayers. There are three types of non-immigrant visitor visas available in USA: emergency entry, non-immigrant entry and protected entry. Those travelling outside of the USA may also apply for an emergency entry visa which will enable them to enter the country quickly and without delays. There are several rules which one should follow to attain these visas.

There are security checks which are done before granting entry to USA. When you travel to Pakistan, you will have to pass through immigration checkpoint to reach the airport. There many names which are mentioned as national security concerns while travelling outside the USA. You will have to be aware of all these points and ensure that you adhere to them all the time. The immigration checkpoint will grant you access into the country when you follow all the given directives and remain law abiding citizens.

When you reach the immigration checkpoint, you will have to present your valid identification. This can be either a driver’s license or passport. Once you have got all the required documents, you can proceed towards the exit. There are three gates located at the three exit points – one each for Pakistanis, Indians and foreigners.

At the three exit points, there will be a line of people waiting to get out. The rules and regulations for exiting the country is same for all. However, each time you enter the country, you will have to stand in line for a number of hours. The duration of the queue will depend on the nationality of the traveller. If you have valid passport, you will not have to wait in such long queues.

There is another point of view that you should know when travelling outside the USA. There are many problems which might arise if you fail to exit the country through each of the exit points. There is a risk of becoming trapped inside the country. This would lead to an extended stay in Islamabad or other major cities like Lahore, Karachi and Rawalakotn. It can even put you in danger from the terrorist attacks occurring in Pakistan.

Despite the security problems in Pakistan, many foreigners still prefer to travel to Pakistan. This is mainly because of the cheap flights and other benefits provided by the airlines. Cheap flights to Pakistan are becoming more popular due to the tough stand on western terrorism. In fact, all airlines have stopped selling tickets directly to the USA. There are only a few travel agents and tour companies who are willing to provide these tickets.

One important thing you should remember while traveling outside the USA is to ensure that you have travel documents in the right format. You should also carry a camera and carry your insurance policy with you to avoid any mishaps. Your travel insurance can help to shoulder the medical expenses in case of accident or injury while staying in Pakistan. Once you have reached your destination, you can take a taxi to get out of the country.

Once you reach Pakistan, you will find a different climate compared to what you are used to. The temperature here is moderate during the summer months and extremely warm during the winter. For tourists who plan to travel to Pakistan, a cheap flight is probably their best option. However, if you want to explore the various attractions of this country, you can opt for a guided tour. You can hire a guide from a travel agent or a tour company to take you to different interesting places. You can also take an adventurous trip into the remote areas of this country.

As a conclusion, if you are planning to travel to Pakistan, you can easily find a cheap flight to Islamabad or any other city of Pakistan. There are many airlines which offer flights to Islamabad at affordable rates. If you are an enthusiastic traveler, then you will love to explore the country.