The 4 Sets of Regulations on Travel to China For British Citizens

The Chinese Government has recently tightened their visa requirements for entering and leaving China. This is effective January 1st and will last until the new year. While there are some exceptions, foreigners who plan to travel to China in the new year should apply for a visa well in advance. The main reason behind the tightening of the Chinese visa policies is to prevent over-issuance of visas by expats and migrants who may not have obtained the relevant approval to enter the country.

The new regulations require foreigners traveling to China to obtain exit and entry visas. They will be required to present one of the following documents upon exit from the country: passport, national ID card, railway ticket, flight tickets, or visa card. The exact details can vary depending on the type of confirmation you receive, as well as the nationality of the individual. If a national does not have an identity card, they are required to present evidence of employment which can be either a verified salary certificate or contract.

There are certain rules that travelers originating in China need to follow when leaving the country. Upon departure, the citizen traveling with you must surrender their passport to the customs department at the airport. If you do not surrender it on time, you will be reported to the criminal police for processing an exit visa. You will also be required to stay within the allocated zones for 30 days after your departure date. All passport applications are subject to the Chinese State Administration’s Visa Office ban.

The new regulation requires citizens of China to use the Shanghai International Airport instead of the normal airport in China, due to the higher security of the state-owned airline. There will be a further increase in the number of flights to and from Shanghai during the forthcoming festive period. Additionally, all tourists traveling to and from China are required to book through the state-owned airline when travelling between states. These restrictions are set to be enforced from the 1st January 2021.

The first set of regulations, which imposed an entry ban on all travelers from China, is applicable only from the 6th January 2021 until the first day of the new year. This restriction is related to the implementation of a new anti-piracy policy within the Kingdom of China. However, passengers who fail to comply with this restriction will be subjected to penalties, such as suspension of flights or cancellation of travel plans. It is therefore expected that from then on, all passengers traveling to or from China will have to apply for a visa before travelling, and only then can they leave the country.

The second set of regulations, which imposed an entry ban on any foreign nationals from the People’s Republic of China within fourteen days prior to the festival, is applicable from the 14th January 2021 until the first day of the new year. This regulation is related to the implementation of a new tourism law in China, which came into force on the 8th January 2021. The law prohibits the people s republic of China from banning foreign tourists from travelling to their country. Furthermore, it stipulates that all tourists, regardless of their nationalities, are obliged to abide by the local cultural traditions of the regions they visit. In addition, tourists who fail to comply with the requirements may be subjected to penalties, such as suspension of flights and other forms of sanctions.

The third set of regulations, which tightened the ban on traveling to China from UK airports on the first day of January 2021, includes a ban on all travelers from the People’s Republic of China entering the city of Beijing. There is also a ban on travelers from Hong Kong and Macau entering the city of Beijing. This measure was implemented to prevent citizens of these two cities from travelling to China under false pretexts. Thus, anyone who fails to present valid travel documents to the Chinese embassy after arriving in China will be subjected to criminal proceedings.

The fourth set of regulations on travel to China for Chinese citizens was introduced on the 7th February 2021. The new law includes a ban on the export of goods to China from UK zoos and aquariums, unless those goods have been booked in advance through the competent authorities. Moreover, any travel to China for the purpose of visiting China by UK citizens who do not hold Chinese visas will not be allowed to leave the country until the relevant permits are obtained. To facilitate the processing of visa applications, the UK office of immigration will be asked to implement measures designed to improve the processing of visa applications by Chinese citizens.