Showing That You Are a Canadian Citizen

To be eligible to travel to Canada permanent resident, you need to fulfill the eligibility criteria for one of the above: a Canadian citizenship, a current non-immigrant visitor or non-immigrant worker, or person in waiting who is granted citizenship or a status. You also need to have a valid passport and all the other relevant documents. You can either apply online or by visiting your local Canadian embassy. However, while applying online you should ensure that the processing of your application will be done fast because many people are applying to migrate to Canada on a short term basis. Hence, there is an increased risk factor involved.

Travel to Canada

The Canadian passport program opens up a lot of opportunities for tourists, immigrants and even temporary residents from other countries. These people can have access to different services, including Canadian citizenship, immigration, work, and health services. This article describes the different types of categories of people who can gain access to Canada. Each category has different types of requirements that you need to fulfill in order to be considered for the program.

Canadian citizenship: This is the most common category of people who can gain access to Canada. In order to be considered as a Canadian citizen, you need to fulfill the below requirements: have acquired Canada citizenship by birth, have become a permanent resident of Canada, and fulfill all other eligibility requirements of the Canadian Immigration system. Canadian citizenship does not grant you the right to live and settle in Canada permanently. Foreign citizens must apply for a Canadian citizenship through the Foreign Nationality Processing Centre.

Permanent Residents: A person who has become a permanent resident of Canada cannot be restricted to Canada. Permanent residents can have access to various programs and services. Foreigners who have obtained express permission from the Immigration Minister can enter Canada by applying for a visa. The visa-exempt status of these individuals enables them to enter Canada by travelling outside of Canada using their own travel documents.

Visiting Partner: A partner can be another family member or a close friend. However, there are certain rules and regulations regarding relations between passengers and partners. Please consult the website for further details. Please follow the Boarding Gate Requirements and do not board the flight unless you have the necessary documents with you.

Family Travel Guarantee: The Canadian authorities are strict about entering Canada with your entire family. Before travelling, ensure that your spouse and children have valid Canadian residence, or are in the process of obtaining one. You will need to show the proof of citizenship at the time of booking your flight. It is also important to note that for family travel to Canada, all luggage must be booked in advance. Information on how to make your luggage claim is available on the Passenger Protect opens website.

Important Information About Dual Citizenship: In addition to needing a valid passport to enter Canada, tourists also need to be aware of dual citizenship. This is where two different countries share a common background, even though they are separate legal systems. There are different options available for those interested in exploring this option. Please consult the Passenger Protect opens Canada website for more information.

These are just some of the reasons that people who are traveling to Canada may need to show proof of citizenship. If you are not a Canadian resident, there are ways that you can get a Canadian Passport easily and quickly. If you have spent years living and working in Canada then you may qualify for residency status. If you have been a resident of Canada for less than five years you may qualify for a Canadian citizenship certificate. However, if you have lived in another country for five years or less than ten years then you can apply for Canadian citizenship, which is a more secure way to prove your identity.