Secure Your Life When Traveling Abroad

People who travel to USA and are non-residents of one of the V WP countries do not need to obtain a visa to enter the for tourism, travel or work it as visa for stay is not required in US. Hence, they can go to USA without obtaining any visa. If the trip doesn’t exceed a span of 90 days then they just need to get and ESTA, an Electronic System for Travel Authorization. A ESTA is issued by the Department of State which enables the traveler to travel to the USA without undergoing any Visa.

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An easy way to know about the validity of your visa is that it remains valid only till the time it is renewed. The person traveling to the USA should still carry their valid travel documents, whether it is for traveling within the country or traveling outside the U.S. There are three main reasons of not obtaining a visa when traveling to USA; there are delays in processing the application, not having an existing valid travel document, or not knowing the exact date of expiration of your existing visa.

If the person is traveling to USA from one V WP countries like Mexico, Canada, Australia, and some European countries like Spain, then they should apply for the visa directly through the embassy of the port of origin. In case of Mexico, applicants should fill out an application form and present it to the concerned officer along with required Mexican passport and validating proofs. Once all the requirements are properly filled out and approved, it gets approved instantly and the applicant can proceed for traveling to USA. However, if the person is traveling from any other country other than US then he is required to get an ETA which is different from an ESTA.

The process of getting an ETA and passport is a little bit complicated but is still safe for traveling to USA. If you are traveling to USA from one of the v WP countries then you should apply for a Travel authorization through the embassy of the port of entry. In order to obtain this, you will need your original passport, an original copy of the travel insurance policy, and proof of vaccinations. You can also visit the consular office of USA where you will receive further instructions. Within ninety days of your arrival, you will receive an ETA which is your passport for traveling to USA.

If you are traveling to USA from any other of the v WP countries then you must first go through the customs and check the validity of your passport. Next you must go through the airport and fill up the forms for a Travel Authority and then you need to show the receipt for the same. When you are traveling from one of the v WP countries then you are required to check in your luggage and if you are overstaying in the port of origin, you will be returned to the airport. It is always advised to go through the security check before departure.

You can also visit the port of departure and when you reach the check in counter, check with them regarding the application for the USA u.s. visa travel authorization. However, it is necessary to have the original copy of passport so that it would be possible to go through security check without any delay. If you are traveling from one of the v WP countries then you need to fill up the form for immunization. You can get your immunization done through the security check when you arrive at the port. However, you should remember that it is not obligatory and if you don’t want to get vaccinated then you can skip this step.

If you are traveling from the u.s. to another country such as Mexico, Canada, or some European countries then you need to get a photo I.D. when arriving in the u.s. It is necessary for traveling between the U.s. and another country but you can still go through security check without any difficulty. The only problem is that when traveling between these countries you can no longer use your existing passport to go through the customs.

Before travelling from one of the v WP countries to USA, you need to contact your travel insurance company and ask them about the process for “self-isolation”. They will give you a form that needs to be filled up completely. But remember that if you do not complete the whole form properly then you might face disqualification for “self-isolation” which is fine as long as you can provide valid reasons. This type of travel insurance policy covers all the expenses incurred when traveling between the u.s. and another country. In fact, it covers the expenses incurred by you too, in case you fall sick within the timeframe of your travels. So go ahead and buy your policy today.