Keep Safe As You Travel to USA

If you are travelling to the USA from overseas, you may be concerned about the security of the country and what to take with you. The USA is a safe country to travel to. There are some important steps that you can take to ensure a more pleasurable experience while travelling to the USA. Taking a domestic or international flight to the USA is the easiest way to travel to the USA. However, if you are travelling from the UK, flying into Boston or Newark and then taking a domestic flight to the USA is the best way to get there.

Travel to USA

Passengers should consider taking the all-inclusive flight, even if it costs more. This is because the additional fees will help reduce the cost of the flight to the USA. If you book your flight direct with the airlines, you will also save money on your return air fare. It is important for passengers travelling from abroad to the USA to contact their own carriers and confirm about air routes and time zones. You may also need to give out any foreign currency (including USA dollars) that you may have to exchange before flying.

In most cases, foreigners who wish to enter the USA by travelling through an air route need an E visa. For this, they will require an Electronic Address Verification System (e-visa). The e-visa is valid for three years and cannot be renewed, unless the applicant is eligible for an immigrant visa to the USA.

Some travellers travelling between the UK and the USA prefer to enter the country via land. There are many points of entry along the US/UK border. You can apply for an entry permit at the US consulate in New York or at the British High Commission in Los Angeles. These are only a few of the many points of entry along the US/UK border.

However, if you are travelling on your own (as opposed to with another person who is travelling as part of a group), you must apply for a PRC or DS stamp. A PRC is required for anyone coming to the US from the UK or the EU. An E-visa will be needed if travelling on your own to the US mainland or to a non-US country such as Costa Rica. In the case of a non-US citizen, the necessary documents for a visa on arrival are that of the dependent or primary family member.

If you are travelling between the UK and the USA using a private hire vehicle, you must complete a quarantined-vehicle inspection before travelling, as per the terms and conditions of the Department of Transportation. This inspection is part of the customs procedure for travelling between the UK and the USA. Quarantined-vehicles are also called express trucks, and they carry limited amounts of dangerous goods. If you are travelling by a private hire truck, you must complete a prescreening visit to the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives before driving the vehicle home, or within five days of arriving in the USA if travelling by car.

Passengers travelling from Canada to Los Angeles are required to attend a ten-day quarantine before departure. There are several reasons for this measure: to avoid spreading quarantined disease; to protect the domestic animals on American soil; to monitor the health of returning persons; and to protect US farmers from returning to farm animals. Quarantine is strictly enforced, even though it may seem unassailable at face value. Each day a traveller is unable to leave his/her hotel due to quarantine, incurs a fine, up to a maximum of $500, and if you breach the terms of quarantine you will have to forfeit all the expenses you incur for that day, not to mention your plane tickets home.

These measures are in place to ensure the safety of travellers, especially those travelling from the European continent, from diseases carrying transmittable diseases. If you are travelling from the European continent, or from the Canary Islands, Spain, Brazil, India, or China, there are strict measures in place to prevent the spread of cholera, typhoid fever, and HIV. This can be availed of by arranging through a travel agent or agency, or by arranging your own transport. When travelling within the United States, the traveller must comply with all requests made of him/her within the set time limit, and all regulations within the same time period. Any violation of such regulations may lead to fines or worse, quarantine, and will mean missing a huge number of flights to the USA.