Important Notes About the US Visitor Visa

Travel to USA can be a very splendid experience if you have the right kind of visa. For entering the country you need to follow some rules and regulations. The most important requirement to obtain a visa to travel to USA is that you should have a passport with an English writing. You should also carry proof of your identity and nationality. These requirements are mandatory and one should not try to skip this requirement. There are certain visas which can help a non-immigrant to enter the country.

Travel to USA

Nonimmigrant visa: The nonimmigrant visa is for tourists who do not intend to stay in USA for more than a year. People who have the purpose of traveling to USA for business purpose and who do not have a permanent resident card, are eligible for this visa. Foreigners who have obtained an immigrant visa are not eligible for this visa. Travel to USA is valid only when the visa has been acquired from the Consulate of USA. British nationals can enter the USA and its territorial territories if they have previously been in the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Canada, Sweden or Denmark within the last 14 days.

B1 Visitor Visa: The b1 visitor visa is required for people who are not seriously involved in international trade and who intend to visit USA for leisure purposes. B1 visitor visa is different from US immigration status. The applicant should have a valid passport and must have the consent of the British national. This visa is issued by the USDOS office. Medical Treatment in the USA requires the applicant to obtain the admission visa for USA.

Entry Obtaining Visa: The procedure of getting an admission visa to the USA involves lots of formalities and one needs to follow them properly. Firstly the applicant needs to get a flight to the United States. Then he or she needs to submit visa fee along with a detailed tour package to the concerned US authorities. The package includes the hotel stay, air ticket, car hire, sightseeing, entrance fees etc. The package can be purchased online. The processing time takes about two to three weeks.

Update on US Immigration Law: The US federal law strictly prohibits providing nonimmigrant status to individuals who have entered the country via a non-immigrant visa. The law also specifies that all air passengers must provide proof of a negative co-competitiveness test or proof of recovery from a negative co-competitiveness test before boarding the aircraft. All air passengers must provide proof of compliance with these requirements within a month of entry. Thus, all air passengers must comply with these rules and regulations prior to embarking on a flight to USA.

Temporary Relief From Travel Ban: The United States Department of State has implemented a travel ban, prohibiting citizens of Syria, Iraq, Iran and Yemen from travelling to the United States. This temporary ban was put into action as a measure to implement visa related restrictions. In this regard, the United States government has asked all citizens of these countries to obtain a visa in order to travel to the United States. However, as per the terms of the visa, once the visa has been procured and the requisite documents provided, one can already travel to the USA for 90 days or more.

B1 Visa Holder: If you are a qualified person who is holding a valid US visa and are not eligible for an immigrant visa but is traveling to the United States to visit us, you may be eligible for a b1 visa. The b1 visa is different from an immigrant visa and allows the holder of the visa to stay in the United States as long as his stay does not cause damage to the United States or another country. As per the immigration laws, a foreign national who wishes to visit the United States should apply for an immigrant visa. The applicant should submit an application along with the appropriate fee and a proof of citizenship or nationality. In certain cases where the applicant is a qualified person (having b1 visa), the requirement for the payment of an expense for an air ticket to the port of destination in the United States may also be waived.

An important note on the US visitor visa: It does not restrict the rights of a person to change his or her name if he or she has an indefinite leave to reside in United States. However, an individual who obtained an immigrant visa may not work in United States without the permission of the USCIS. This means that an alien may be compelled to change his or her name when he or she applies for an immigrant visa. In other words, it is not legally binding. The alien will still be allowed to change their name after obtaining an immigrant visa. Hence, it is important to be aware of the requirements related to the US visitor visa before embarking on any trip to the United States.