How to Travel to USA?

When it comes to traveling to USA, there are a variety of options available to you. Depending on your status, age and financial requirement, you can travel either with immediate family or by yourself. A lot of people prefer to travel by themselves while others look for companionship and even a second or even third holiday depending on their requirement and financial affordability. Below is a brief discussion on various means to travel to USA with your family or friends.

Travel to USA

Who Else Can Book India to USA Flights? (1) Citizens & Green card holders. (2) Indian citizens, including NRIs, with valid passports having no restrictions on them from travelling to USA. (3) Those having an eligible Passport from the Indian government are allowed to stay and work in the country for fourteen days. Those from other countries like Nepal, need to obtain a visa prior to travelling to the USA. Moreover, even Indian national who have got an immigrant visa can travel to the USA if they possess an eligible non-immigrant visa.

The above mentioned three categories of non-immigrant visa holders includes NRIs or Permanent Residents of USA. There are several airlines and tour operators that provide flight tickets to passengers having Indian origin documents to reach their destination. Generally Indian national do not bother about their nationality while travelling to USA. However, there are individuals who take care of dual citizenship (residing in both India and USA) and this requires them to obtain an appropriate visa. An example of such a person could be a person having Indian origin parent’s citizenship in the USA but with Indian nationality.

Several airlines like Ryan Air, EasyJet, Jetair and GoAir offer discounted tourist fares to reach USA from different parts of the world. There are several cheap flights to New York City and other major cities of the USA. These cheap flights to USA provide inexpensive accommodation, air ticket discounts and other monetary benefits to passengers. Some companies also offer discounted accommodation and meals to their employees and executives to travel to the USA.

It is important to note that citizens of India cannot buy tickets for flights to USA directly. To get tickets for cheap airfares, tourists can book flights to Canada or Mexico and then use the credit cards provided during booking. This will help the individuals to get cheap air tickets to USA.

Citizens of India need to have an eligible passport in order to get the benefit of discount fares and complimentary accommodation. Passports are available in different types i.e. the Electronic Visa Card issued by the Federal Bureau of Immigration and the Digestive Entry System (DHS) approved Immovable Immigration Status Cards (IMS). The citizens of India need to follow the rules and regulations of the airlines regarding payment, seating, reservation etc. If a person travels to USA with his or her valid passport, he or she will be allowed to stay for three years provided the stay is not extended.

A person who has acquired an e-visa or a permanent visa as a result of the approved immigrant programs can also travel to USA without obtaining a passport. Electronic Permanent Visa cards do not require a passport for a stay in the USA provided the stay is for longer than three months. If the duration of stay is more than three months, then a person needs to get a passport. The same process is applicable for visa applicants of India who do not possess an e visa.

Tourists who do not posses a passport are not allowed to board the planes without obtaining the required flight tickets. There are many airlines available that offer flight tickets to USA but the travellers may be required to get a valid us passport. Many times, people travelling to USA may face the problem of missing the flight due to their invalid or fake passport. There are several reasons that lead to people travelling to USA and acquiring flight tickets but the most prominent reason is that of valid US citizenship. There are a number of people from India who visit USA on a frequent basis and they do not possess any other travel document like an e-visa or a green card.