How to Travel to USA Without a Visa

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How to Travel to USA Without a Visa

People who travel to USA are usually citizens of any of the VWP states and hence do not need to get a visa to visit the there for tourism, business or other purpose if the trip does not stretch over a period of 90 days. However, there are certain legal requirements that one must fulfill before traveling to USA. For instance, you need to have a valid passport for yourself and for your family. It is important to carry this information with you when you travel to USA.

Getting a visa for tourism purpose is easy but getting an entry permit for a US visa is not so. You will have to go through a series of tests and interviews. If you are eligible for the visa, you will be given an entry permit which gives you permission to reside in the USA for a specific period of time. The period of stay depends on the type of status you are entitled to.

Electronic passport or visas are considered the easiest mode of travel to USA. There is no need to submit your birth certificate, nationality, address, etc. Just fill in the form containing the details of your name, date of birth, and a USA address. Then you just have to wait for your approval. Your application for a visa can be approved within three months. That means, you will not need to wait for many months to get the visa to travel to USA if you get hold of an electronic passport.

Another way to travel to USA is the Student Non Permanent Residence (SNPR) visa. This type of visa is available for studying in the colleges and universities of the USA. Students from outside the US are eligible for this tourist visa if their school or university is registered with the National Foreign Trade Center (NFTC). The duration of stay in the USA depends on the type of status you are entitled.

If you are eligible for the tourist visa, one of the options is the US Immigration Visa Waiver Program (IVAWP). The US Immigration Visa Waiver Program allows you to stay in the country for a specified period of time if you are eligible. In IVAWP, you have to apply for a visa at the same port of entry that you enter the US from. When applying for a visa, ensure that the port of entry is the same port where you will reach after arriving in the USA. Also make sure that the port of entry does not have a high number of immigration inspection points.

Before travelling to USA, you may also want to consider getting some documents required for the visa application. Some of these documents are the original copy of birth certificates of the family members traveling with you, the marriage certificate if you are a married person, passport photos if you are a non-immigrant and also a copy of your flight schedule. You should carry the original copy of all these documents with you when travelling to USA. This will help you prove that you really are overstaying in your home country.

After applying for a visa at the port of entry and presenting the necessary documents, you will be taken to an immigration officer. Here the officer will verify the information provided and decide whether or not you are eligible for the visa. If eligible, you will receive an immigrant visa. If not, you will be given a notice to appear in court. Your visa will be granted if you can prove that you intend to depart from the USA to another country and will return to the USA on the date fixed by the immigration officer.

If you have a b1 visa holder, you are eligible to receive a non-immigrant visa. To get a b1 visa, you have to obtain a visa card, which is valid for a specific period of time. Once your visa card is presented at the border, the Immigration officer will stamp it and send it to the consul at the destination airport. The process is rather simple and quick.