How To Travel To USA With A Student Visa

Are you wondering “what can I do in USA while I am not allowed to travel to USA?” If your answer is “yes” read on. There are actually many options that would allow you to visit the USA without a visa, but you need to be aware of their rules and regulations first. So I will discuss some options that you have while not getting a visa to travel to the USA.

A lot of people want to go to the USA for a vacation or for an extended vacation and they often book a package tour with a travel agency or with a cruise line. Unfortunately most of these travelers do not realize that they will have to obtain their own visa to enter the USA or that they might have to obtain a green card or visa. If you are one of such people who are interested in visiting the USA without a visa, there are actually many options that you can use. Most of these options are discussed below:

Visitor Insurance – If you are travelling to the USA as a tourist there are a few options that you can use if you are interested in obtaining a tourist insurance. Some of these options are discussed below: Health Insurance Plan The health insurance plan that is offered by most US citizens is the Health Insurance Plan MSA or membership in the State Medical Service Plan (SSMP). This type of health insurance plan allows you to get health care coverage even when you are out of the country and not insured by an employer or the government. However most of the members of this plan have limited coverage for diseases such as cancer and HIV/AIDS. Although this plan is not a good option for a tourist traveling to the USA for a longer duration of time as it does not cover diseases here.

Green Card – if you are a foreigner (non-resident) and you are interested in visiting the USA for an extended period of time then you can apply for an immigrant visa. An immigrant visa is an application that proves your eligibility to visit the USA. To get an immigrant visa you need to apply for an immigrant visa from the American consuls at the US consulate abroad or at the American embassy or consulate of your choice in the country where you are going to visit. This process takes approximately six months to one year and usually takes around six months to a year and a half.

Tourist Insurance Plan – You can also use a tourist insurance plan to cover your trip while you are here on holiday. However this plan is only helpful if you have a valid passport and are traveling on a domestic or international plane. The cost of this plan is around $300 and you can get a tourist insurance card that contains coverage of most sports activities, cruises, tours, cruises etc. This tourist insurance plan will help you fill up the application forms accurately. You can also use this plan while applying for a green card.

Green Card – If you have received a tourist insurance plan to visit the USA, then it would be possible for you to get a green card faster. The process of getting a green card in the USA is much faster than the processing of visa. For this you need to visit an immigration office or the consul outside the USA and fill up the application form. After successfully completing the application form you need to submit it along with necessary fees. Some fees may be required to process your visa.

Get a visa – When you have successfully obtained a visa for yourself then the next step is to get a visa for your friend or family member. Visa is necessary for travelling outside the US and you can obtain it by visiting the same embassy or consulate that issued your visa. This process takes around 6 months to one year and usually takes around six months to a year and a half. If your friend has received his visa then he will not need to get a visa for you. However it is important to note that if you want to visit the USA your family member must also get a visa before travelling to the USA.

Secure your visa – It is very important that once you arrive in the USA you secure your visa. Visas are only valid for six months and if you want to stay longer than six months in the USA, then you need to apply for a visa for a longer stay. Many travelers do not know that if they do not secure their visa they can be deportation. You also need to remember that if you visit Mexico or Canada and you want to work in those countries, you will need to obtain a work visa. You can check the visa section on the State Department website.