How to Travel to USA Despite the Travel Ban

If you are thinking of traveling to USA by flights it is recommended to check out the travel advice for USA from the Department of State’s webpage. The webpage provides all necessary travel advisories and advice related to USA visas, passports, insurance, currency exchange, custom duties and other information. Department of State’s webpage also has a frequently asked questions page which answers common questions about traveling to USA. You can access the webpage via the web directly or through the USA embassy in your country. You can also access Department of State’s webpage through your airline’s customer service desk.

Travel to USA

USA Visa Waiver: For citizens of certain countries a visa waiver is possible under the Visa Waiver Program. The Visa Waiver Program is intended for people travelling to the United States under valid non-immigrant alien qualifications for tourist or travel purposes. For example, a US citizen who is a national of Mexico, Canada, Australia, or other Commonwealth countries may be eligible to get a waiver on the requirement to obtain a passport for travel to the US under the Visa Waiver program. The requirements and procedures are available on the website of the department of state.

Electronic Travel Portals: Currently, many travelers to the USA are choosing to use electronic passports or e-passports. An electronic passport is basically a replica of an original passport card with a chip or stripe on the back side of the card. E-passports are valid for 90 days or more and can be replaced or scanned with a traditional photo passport for frequent travelers.

ePassport – Electronic passport programs still valid for travel to the USA? Unfortunately, they are not all currently valid for all U.S. visa travel authorization purposes. For example, there are some visa waiver countries that do not accept e-passports. In addition, ePassports do not normally accept automatic transfers from one non-USA country to another. This means that if you need to change your address in order to take advantage of an electronic passport for travel to the USA, you may still be required to go through a process of getting a new passport.

iPass – Are iPasses still valid for travel to the USA? iPass is a prepaid electronic cash card issued by VISA and US Citizens to replace the card’s paper version. It is similar to ePassport but is considered safer than ePassport due to its security features. Similar to ATM cards, users must provide their personal information, which is stored in a secure server maintained by VISA. Otherwise, if your card does not get accepted, you will have to go via a different means to travel to the USA.

e visas – e-visas are issued only for people who are traveling to the USA for Business or vacation purposes only. To apply for an I visa, you will need to know your business objective and the location where you plan to travel to the USA. Once approved, your visa will be good for a limited time period only, which is usually from ninety days to three months. However, as long as you follow US immigration laws closely, you should be able to successfully travel to the USA despite the temporary nature of the e visa.

iPass – If you want to successfully travel to the USA despite the ban, you may have to go through another way. If you are travelling as a tourist, you may still be able to use the iPass system provided by VISA. There is a procedure to follow to apply for a iPass. However, you can also apply directly to VISA to receive faster processing and approval for your iPass. This alternative will give you the chance to use the iPass while traveling to the United States under the Visa Waiver program.

The Pass – If you do not want to get involved in a situation where you cannot board a plane to the USA because of the travel restrictions, you may choose to use the ePass. e Passes are available for a limited period of time, which is usually between ninety days and three months. Even though this alternative may be a bit inconvenient, it is still highly effective to avoid getting stopped at airports because of the USA travel restrictions. e Passes are also easy to use and they are safe, easy to carry and most importantly, efficient as well.