How to Travel to USA by Boat

Before air travel to USA, it is necessary to clear all immigration formalities and get the necessary visa. If you are a foreigner who has come to USA on non-immigrant Visa and want to stay here permanently, you need to apply for an immigrant visa through American Consulate. You should apply for an immigrant visa before embarking on your trip so that you don’t have to go back to your country. It is important to collect all relevant documents and prepare everything well in advance to avoid any last minute hassles.

Travel to USA

When you reach USA, you should carry a valid passport, flight ticket and visa. Usually, no visa will be required if you are coming to visit family or any other social group. You need to fill up an application form with your personal details and submit them to the Consulate officers at the airport or at the port of entry. On receiving your application, the officers will process the documents and check whether you have a right to stay in USA or not. If yes, the officer will issue you Entry Permit, which is required to get into USA.

You should carry a copy of the latest entry permit and passport when traveling outside the US to Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix or Las Vegas. The document is available in the respective office. You need not to take the risk of getting a dirty visa by walking across the street to take a look at your document. However, if you have a need to travel outside USA frequently, then it would be advisable to get a photo copy of both the documents.

To Travel to USA by Plane – Fly to Philadelphia or New York and catch the flight to USA. The journey within USA should not exceed seven hours and you can stay for up to five days. You should stay at any of the hotels provided in Philadelphia or New York. The rooms vary and according to the rate, you can choose among the hotels provided in Philadelphia or New York.

To Travel to USA by Boat – You should book a cruise ship that sails between the west coast of America and the Pacific Ocean. The rates are not cheap but are quite affordable for a leisure traveler. The cruise ship docks in various points in the Pacific Ocean. The prices vary according to the time of sailing and destinations. Within a week, most of the boats sail to Canada and Alaska. However, you need to stay in some of the port cities in the Pacific Ocean.

To Travel to USA by Car – If you are moving to another state of the United States, then you should drive to the nearest embassy of the state you are moving to. The nearest embassy is always the State Department or the consulate of the state you are currently staying in. When you arrive at the consulate, you should seek the instructions for crossing the border. However, the people there are knowledgeable about crossing the borders.

To Travel to USA by Boat – You can also use one of the ports of call in the Pacific Ocean to travel to USA by boat. These are sometimes referred to as “noncitizen ports of call”. For example, San Diego is a US citizen port of call whereas Norfolk, Virginia is the headquarters of the US Department of Defense.

While you are in the states, it is advisable to register with the local Office of the Secretary of State. After you have registered with the Secretary of State, you will receive an Arrival stamp upon arrival. You will then be able to access your public records like driver’s license, voter registration, Social Security card, and passport upon request. In addition to the stamps, you will receive a copy of your immunization record as well as a copy of your work permit upon request.