How to Travel to USA?

If you have decided to go through all the hassles of traveling in USA without a passport, you should consider changing your plan. There is another way which is not as difficult as traveling without one, but will require you to present a valid passport at the ports of call. In fact, traveling to USA via another country is not a very easy task and might take more time than traveling within the country.

USA Visa-USA without a passport-visa for travelers who don’t possess a passport can still be arranged by contacting the right agencies. It would be better to contact V WP Countries. These are organizations that function for travelers who have problems related to their travel such as visa verification. These organizations assure the travelers of getting an approval in less than 90 days. They have offices throughout the country and offer services like processing visa, processing immunization and reentry etc.

Approval of visa: Before travelling to USA, the applicant should submit a visa application form along with relevant documents supporting his or her eligibility. Electronic passport processing is mandatory during the processing of visa. In this system, the applicant submits visa request along with required papers while registering online. Electronic passport system is also useful in collecting important information about the applicant. V WP countries’ electronic passports are recognized by USA visa officials and allow expedited processing of visa application.

Travel to USA by air-visa-waiver-certificate: This is another alternative to the USA visa if you don’t have a passport or if it is impossible to get a USA passport. You need to apply for an entry permit by visiting the port of entry or nearest embassy of the USA. After filling up the application form, you will be required to present a passport, valid for at least 90 days. You can visit USA by mailing the signed form along with duly filled return postage and delivery confirmation to the concerned department. The cost of a visa through air-visa-waiver certificate is different from that of a passport.

Obtaining USA driver’s license: You can also successfully travel to USA by taking the driver’s license of USA. First of all, you should visit Driver Licensing link on If you successfully pass the driving examination, you will be issued with a license. After passing the driving examination, you can get a driving license in two ways – one is by going to the DMV personally and the other one is by mail. There are certain fees involved in each method.

Obtaining a U.S. Passport while traveling outside United States: If you need to travel outside United States, but your passport is not currently valid for traveling to USA, you can obtain a temporary visa by visiting the nearest embassy of the concerned country. However, please note that this process cannot be done overnight. For this, you will have to submit your application for visa through government officials. Similarly, you can also apply for a U.S. visa by contacting the nearest embassy of the concerned country. However, please note that this process cannot be done overnight.

Obtaining a US Visa on return flight: For people who are traveling from one of the v WP countries to USA by landing at the airport of the concerned country, they should first contact the airline operators of that country. They should know about the process of crossing over to the USA from that country. In this regard, you will also come to know that there are many airlines which offer air-visa on the return flight from one of the v WP countries to USA.

Obtaining Travel Insurance: In case, if by mistake you decided to cancel your trip, as per normal condition, then you can go via the cancellation policy of that particular insurance company. In fact, cancellation policies are offered in such a long term by the companies. However, for people who are traveling to USA by land, they should carry a valid passport and visa of one of the v WP countries to obtain travel insurance. Therefore, if you are traveling to USA by land, you should carry with you your passport and visa information to get travel insurance.