How to Successfully Travel to USA During the Time of the Travel Ban

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How to Successfully Travel to USA During the Time of the Travel Ban

Tourist visa for travel to USA is a non-immigrant visa usually for travel to USA. tourist visa is also referred to as b1/b2 visa or tourist visa to the United States of America. You can easily apply for a tourist visa for travel to USA if your motive of your travel is recreational (hiking, tourism, visit family and friends), to seek medical care, to participate in cultural events, etc. The applicant should be above 18 years of age, holding a passport and having money back/vetting facility. Tourist visa helps the foreigner to visit USA for a specified duration not more than fourteen days.

Tourist visa helps to save time and money. Visa approval and processing take comparatively longer period than ordinary entries. If a foreigner who wishes to visit USA wants to reach via air then taking an international flight will be quicker option as compare to driving his/her car from abroad to reach USA. Electronic passport visa provides the convenience to travellers by helping them get their visa approved without visiting USA too. The applicant holds electronic photo card and proof of funds (usually a check) that can be used to obtain visa electronically through the Electronic Port of Entry System of USA Department of State.

There are three types of visa available in USA; International Entry permits, Advance parole permits and Temporary Admission permits. International Entry permits are available on arrival and are valid for ninety days. Once the validity of the entry permit expires, the applicant may reapply for an additional ninety days. If the applicant travels outside USA during the duration of his/her visa, then his/her visa will be cancelled automatically.

Advance parole is valid for six months and is granted by the US government to certain foreign nationals who meet specific requirements. These requirements usually have to do with the applicant’s ability to support themselves and their family. B-2 Visa is the second type of visitor visa available in USA. B-2 Visa is issued by the US government to people having an unemployed or self-sufficient status. B-2 Visa is different from foreign tourist visa as it requires proving that one is not a criminal on US soil or that he/she is not likely to engage in criminal activities while on US soil.

The third type of visa is Covid-19. Covid-19 is a type of nonimmigrant visa available to foreign nationals who follow certain healthcare requirements. Such requirement is fulfilled by getting vaccinated against chicken pox. Once the applicant has received the vaccination, he/she is eligible to apply for Covid-19. The Covid-19 visa is valid for six months and cannot be renewed.

There was a temporary travel ban implemented in the USA regarding citizens of the seven banned countries from travelling to the USA. The ban was caused due to concerns arising from the September 11 terrorist attacks in USA. The ban was intended to implement the travel ban for a period of 14 days. The ban caused a great deal of inconvenience to visitors from the seven banned countries including Pakistanis, Iranians, Iraqis, Egyptians, and Bangladeshis. Many British nationals as well as citizens of other nations like France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Italy and others had to face great difficulties while trying to enter the USA. In the UK, British citizens had to stay in a different country during the time of the travel ban.

During the time of the travel ban, many people had to change their travel plans and reschedule their flights to the USA. Some people had to change their travel plans to another country altogether. This resulted in a severe decline in the number of tourists traveling to the USA. In order to successfully travel to the USA during the period of the travel ban, you must know the loopholes of the ban and how to avoid them.

The measures taken by the federal government to implement the travel authorization policy included revising the visitor visa requirements as well as revising the non-immigrant visa requirements. In order to take advantage of the revisions in visa requirements, you must apply for a tourist visa prior to traveling to the USA. You should obtain your visa in advance because processing of visa applications is often cumbersome and takes a long time.