How to Secure Your Trip to the USA

The United States of America is a nation of immigrants. We welcome people from all over the world. But not all people that come here are always welcomed. Unlawful US residency visa application fraudsters are attempting to enter the country by the millions.

The United States has a system designed to prevent the abuse of our immigration system by criminals and those without a legitimate status in the country. If you are an illegal or non-citizen alien looking to enter the country, you need to apply for an immigrant visa. To do so, you will be required to fill out and submit an application for an immigrant visa, an immigrant visitor card, or an immigrant parolee. Once you have submitted these applications, you will then wait for your visa number to be approved.

In order to process your visa, the Department of State will require that you submit proof of citizenship. The United States of America only issues visas to United States citizens and green card holders. Any non-US residents who wish to travel to the United States must apply for a visa first.

There are several ways to obtain an immigrant visa, but the most common method today is the Electronic Travel Authorization. This is a three part process including a background check, an interview, and an authorization to present your documents in front of a US consular representative. The Electronic Entry System (ETAS), which is a part of the Electronic Automated Transfer of Passport (EATP) system, is used to facilitate the entire visa process. You can use either the EATP or the Electronic Portrait of USA (EVP) systems to acquire your visa.

To prove your identity to the US immigration authorities, you will be required to obtain a photo identification card. Your photo identification card must be valid and original, and may only be replaced with a final, duplicate photo identification card after six years. Your lawful permanent resident card can be renewed upon presentation of a certified birth certificate, a US citizenship certificate, or a United States passport. While these documents are not required by law to prove your identity to obtain a visa, they are necessary to prove your identity as a US citizen, a legal permanent resident, or an alien lawfully admitted to the United States.

Visitor insurance is another way to ensure that your trip to the USA is safe and secure. Most airlines and cruise lines offer some type of insurance plan to their customers traveling to the USA. These insurance plans can be purchased by contacting your home insurance company or by contacting a US travelers’ agency. Most US travelers’ agencies operate as international insurance companies that broker travel insurance. They also help travelers obtain their necessary insurance requirements.

Travel Insurance can provide you with protection during your trip to the USA from many unexpected events that can occur between you and your travel destination. Trip cancellation plans, emergency evacuation plans, emergency medical assistance plans and trip interruption insurance plans are among the types of plans that may be offered to you by your travel insurance provider. The coverage for these types of plans varies by insurance provider and can be more or less comprehensive than that of a general travel plan.

A number of US travelers’ agencies offer an all-inclusive travel insurance plan to their clients. This all-inclusive plan typically provides coverage for emergencies and accidents, as well as for missed connections, baggage damage, medical assistance and rental car expenses. It may also cover some, if not all, of the other elements of your trip, including sport activities, sightseeing activities, cultural experiences, leisure activities and personal care. You may want to inquire about these additional services from your travel agent or visit the website of your US tourists’ agency for a full list of covered services and fine print.