How to Pass Quarantine & Quarantine While Travelling to USA

Travel to USA is not a problem with different kinds of passports you can get to travel legally as long as you meet the entry requirements. However, if you are a British citizen you might need different kinds of passports for various reasons. If you are traveling to USA as a British resident, you need to know the entry requirements for US citizens. For British citizens who are traveling to USA as a non-immigrant alien, you need to know the requirements for citizens of USA. These are basically the same as those for a British citizen traveling to USA.

There are some specific requirements for US passport application. British nationals who are traveling to USA cannot enter the US or its territories unless they are in the UK, Ireland, Canada, GERD, Iran, Spain, Brazil, or Chile within the last fourteen days. British citizens who are also traveling on business must visit USA before the business trip ends and obtain a business entry permit through the Electronic passport facility. If you have acquired your electronic passport, you will receive a temporary visa once you arrive in USA. British citizens have three months to get a new visa if they get a new passport after getting a previously issued visa.

British national do not need any visa to enter USA. British citizens who are traveling to USA on business must visit the principal office of the consulate of their choice in USA before four months from the day of landing. British national have till three months from the day of landing, to apply for a business entry permit. British subject are not required to obtain a new passport once they receive a new visa. The British Consulate in Los Angeles and London are the only approved centres for British passport application. British subject can apply for an Electronic visa if they don’t possess a non-immigrant visa.

The consular officials of British nationality in Los Angeles and London, in US are able to process British passport applications within one hour from the departure point of Los Angeles or London, wherever you are landing. The processing of applications for a British National, is considerably faster when the application is submitted by post. The processing time remains same for applications submitted via e-visa. The consular officers accept applications for fourteen days from the arrival of a person who is eligible for an immigrant visa.

If you are a British citizen, and you do not have a visa to stay in the US, but you wish to travel to USA then you will have to apply for a US visa. To get an immigrant visa to USA you will have to follow all the norms under the law. You will have to fill an application form with your real age, your name and your address in the USA. After filling the application form the applicant has to submit it along with a copy of his photographs. Along with the photograph of the applicants will have to submit two proofs of age, one is a birth certificate and the other is a Valid passport. If you are a British citizen and you do not have a valid passport then you can get a three-year validity card by visiting the Home office of British High Commission in Los Angeles or London and getting a duplicate of your card.

Once the applicants get a copy of their card, they can visit the Home office of British High Commission in Los Angeles or London to obtain the proofs of age mentioned in their application form. If you are a British national and want to travel to USA then you will have to pass the covid-19 test. The test is based on questions that have been asked and you have to give specific answers to each question in order to be a valid candidate for an immigrant visa. Each country has its own set of rules and regulations for this test. If you want to pass the test then you should visit a British consulate nearest to you.

Quarantine stations are there to greet all the passengers travelling to and from USA. At Los Angeles port of entry there are two types of quarantines – standard and quarantine dock. Strictly speaking, it is the standard quarantine station. All passengers travelling to or from the port of entry will need to go through this process before being released. The standard quarantines are for persons travelling to and from the USA and those living in the Los Angeles area.

Those passengers travelling from Los Angeles to Los angles will need to complete the quarantine at the port of entry. This process is usually very quick. However, if the person does not pass the test then he/she will have to wait until he/she passes the test for fourteen days at Los Angeles international airport. Once the fourteen days is over then the person can travel to Los Angeles. There are also special buses/subways that operate between Los Angeles and San Diego, if you want to travel from Los Angeles to San Diego then you must complete the transportation from Los angles.