How to Get to Europe

Travel to Europe

How to Get to Europe

U.S. citizens traveling abroad will soon have to apply for and obtain an ETIAS (Electronic Travel Authorization Visa) visa waiver that will become effective by the close of the chapter in 2021. That means by the end of that decade, all Americans traveling to a European country outside of the Schengen Zone would need to obtain an ETIAS. There are three ways for Americans to accomplish this goal. They can do it through their travel agent or directly with the EAS (European travel information and authorisation system). However, there are issues about these methods.

American Travelers have the option to secure a ETIAS through the Visa Organization International (VOA). VOA is the agency that verifies the identity and country of issuance of every visa request. The VOA operates under a contract with the United States Department of State. The U.S. State Department contracts with a third-party organization, the European Union Travel Information Agency (EUSA), who competently provides timely and accurate visa data and application guidance. For EUSA, the number one priority is to ensure that visa applications from U.S. citizens are processed as quickly as possible.

For EAS, their priority is to maintain the Schengen Agreement and work with all countries of the EU including its neighbouring countries of Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Cyprus, Romania, Slovakia and Ukraine. These third-party administrative partners also provide reliable data on the immigration regulations, rules and laws applicable in each country and help determine eligibility for visa waivers. In addition, they perform background checks on prospective travellers to ensure that they pose no security risk. Finally, EAS ensures that the applicant receives a decision within 45 days or else issues a negative opinion.

There are four important ports of call for travelers travelling between the U.S. and Europe: the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, San Diego, and Veracruz. At each port of call, an array of travel services and facilities are available to suit the needs of various tourists. In San Diego, tourists can indulge in cultural tours, indulge in a number of activities, get a bird’s-eye view of the spectacular coastline and visit the Mission Beach to watch the sun set over the Pacific Ocean. Ellis Island features a tourist terminal where visitors can embark on an Amazing America Tour or go for a voyage of discovery through Europe. In Lisbon, tourists can experience the world-class Portuguese cuisine, explore Picos de Europa, and discover the colonised walls that outline the city.

The most important part of Europe travel for U.S. travelers is visa compliance. Many European countries require citizens to obtain visa authorization before travelling abroad. For those travelling on business visas, the duration of stay in any one country is usually two weeks or less. For tourists traveling on tourist visas, the duration of stay is usually three months or more.

Once in Europe, there are many ways for U.S. citizens to save money while exploring Europe. Tourists are advised to travel light: most hotels provide complimentary breakfast and coffee, and many local vendors provide a wide variety of locally grown foods. Tourists can save on food by packing light. Some of the most popular cities to explore in Europe are Rome, Florence, and Paris.

The European continent is home to Europe’s most diverse and welcoming culture. Americans traveling to Europe should take the time to experience the food and culture of this vast continent. Europeans enjoy wine, beer, and cheese – and these culinary delights can be sampled and enjoyed in cities like London, Amsterdam, Rome, and Prague. Although some Americans opt to skip their morning cup of coffee and brew their own iced tea instead, Europeans are well-known for their love of coffee, tea, and chocolate. If drinking coffee and tea is not an option, Americans can enjoy world class cuisine by simply enjoying a leisurely dinner.

Traveling to Europe is made easier by organized tour groups that arrange group sightseeing tours and transportation. The Europe vacation package includes all travel and hotel accommodations. Some vacation packages include all inclusive travel to cities such as Florence, Paris, and Rome. Tourists can also choose between private plane flights to several European countries, train trips, and car rentals to get around various European countries.