How to Get Passports for Non-US Citizens

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How to Get Passports for Non-US Citizens

Travel to USA is subject to visa requirements. You may obtain an immigrant visa easily by getting a Green Card. In order to do this, you have to meet the basic immigration eligibility requirements. These requirements depend on the country of citizenship. The following are some of the main types of Green Cards available in the US:

Dual Visa Holder – A dual visa holder is an immigrant who has been granted a US visa for more than one year. They are allowed to live and work permanently in the United States as long as they follow the specific rules of the United States. US citizens who hold green cards are allowed to work in Canada. Travel to USA and Canada by US national is also subject to visa requirements.

Legal Permanent Residents – All US citizens, aliens and lawful permanent residents of the US have the right to reside and work permanently in the US. There are different categories according to their status. Some categories are entitled to adjust their status to become eligible for Green Card. Other visa holders can change their status to become eligible for another category such as theorem or relief eligible person. All lawful permanent residents are allowed to work in United States.

Electronic passports – US passport applications need the most popular and accepted mode to submit an application. It is through the electronic system that the applicant submits the required documents to acquire the visa. Electronic passport means the process is very fast and less formal. For submitting an application for an electronic passport, you have to visit the nearest Passport Office. There are three types of electronic passports which are the Enhanced Mobility Type (EMT), the Enhanced Travel Security Type (ETS) and the Non-immigrant Card Type (NIM).

Visa Waiver – The federal government and every state government provides visitor visa to its non-us residents who need to travel outside the country for business or holiday purposes. The federal government and the states have a responsibility towards the visitors coming to the country. To maintain this responsibility, they generally provide visa Waiver to the people travelling to the country.

Flight Tickets – It is easy for people to get flight tickets through various agents. But the process to get flight tickets of non-US citizens to USA may be more difficult. Generally, agents of the airline companies do not allow free resubsmission of booking of flight tickets for USA. They ask for the required forms and they have to provide valid us passport holders’ identity proofs.

Visa and Immigration Cards – There are different visa categories for the people travelling to the country. To obtain a visa to the US, please check out the immigration website of the US government. You can also book flights to the USA easily through the online services provided by different airlines companies. Before you travel to the USA, you must have the valid Visa card and Immigration card of USA.

Passport and Respiratory Cleansing – If you are a national of any country other than the USA, you must have undergone the cleansing process of the nationalities. The cleansing of the passport is done to ensure that the national does not carry any criminal record in another country. You must visit your closest embassy of the USA to start off the process of obtaining the passport. It is better to get the information from the closest embassy of the USA as it is the safest option. On your arrival in the USA, the customs will ask you for the required documents and if you have any criminal records in other country, you will not be allowed to enter into the USA.