How to Get Into Canada

Travelling to Canada may be one of the most interesting and exotic experiences that you have ever undertaken, but do not get tense while planning your tour; read on this article and some tips on travelling to Canada and experience the remarkable country. Entry into Canada is restricted, except for permanent foreign workers, Canadian citizenship and Permanent residents, temporary foreign workers, international students and their families, as long they stay in Canada for at least 15 days or more. Temporary visitors who overstay can also face criminal prosecution.

There are various reasons why tourists from all over the world visit Canada. You may be planning to spend a vacation or business trip to Canada, so read on. You may want to visit Canada to see its rich history, the spectacular nature, the interesting culture, the welcoming people or to experience the unique language. You may be coming to study in Canada or to obtain a Canadian passport and become a Canadian citizen. Or you may just be coming to visit relatives and friends who are residing in Canada.

When travelling to Canada, you should first ascertain which type of visa you will need for your stay in Canada. Some tourists who intend to visit Canada may not need a visa for a stay for less than six months, while others may need a visa for a stay for more than six months. As a visitor, you need a visa to enter Canada and most tourists fail to realize this requirement. There are three different types of visitor visas available in Canada – Government visa, Business visa and Human resources (laus) visa.

In case of immigration into Canada, there are several ways through which you can enter the country. The first way is through Immigration Express Entry. Through this program, you have to apply for immigration through the Canadian government by paying the required financial and other filing fees. Once you file your application, you will be called on to appear at an interview with the Immigration officer in Canada’s immigration office in Vancouver before the designated date.

The second way to get to Canada fast is by using the Electronic Travel Authorization Program (ESTP). This is one of the fastest ways to get to Canada as it takes about one month to process the application. On successful completion of the ETA process, you will receive a permanent resident visa and you are allowed to live in Canada.

The third way is by using the compassion grounds. To apply for this, you must have a true social reason to visit Canada. The social grounds include; attending the funeral of a family member, participating in community development activities or providing assistance to those in need. The Minister of Health will decide which applicant has the most need for the public health services. In order to be eligible for the compassion grounds, you must have a period of stay in Canada of not less than six months. Also, you will be required to show that your application for the compassionate reasons has been approved by the provincial government and the provincial immigration office.

The last way to get into Canada fast is by using the points system. First, you can earn points by proving that you have a valid passport and that you are traveling between countries for a valid reason. The number of points you have will depend on the country you are travelling to, the duration of your stay there and the type of travel you intend to make.

The immigration authorities check these things when processing an application to enter Canada. These include; the age of the applicant, their reason for leaving their country and the reason for returning to Canada. They also look at the type of passport they have. Two important points to remember when travelling between countries is that you have to use a valid passport and that you have legitimate plans to travel to Canada. In the event that the minister finds that your application for entry Canada is invalid, you will not be allowed to remain in the country.