How to Enter Canada

Travelling to Canada has been made easy over the years with the different methods of transportation available. Whether by air, sea or land, all travellers have easy access to the different points of entry in Canada and several ways to make their way to their desired destination. For travellers looking to embark on a fascinating journey, the best time and location for travelling to Canada should be considered.

Travel to Canada

First, it is important to note that, although there are various means of entering Canada, some ways are better than others when it comes to crossing the country’s borders. Air travel to Canada is very safe and secure with most airlines providing both regular and frequent flights to the country. The best times for air travel to Canada are between Tuesday and Thursday. Visitors who intend travelling during these times should enquire from a travel consultant or their airline of choice regarding airline route options for travelling to Canada.

When travelling to Canada by air, visitors should not arrive by landing rather than by crossing the border. Immigration authorities have stated that arriving by land is more likely to result in an immigrant being denied entry to Canada. However, some airlines do not enforce this policy, and immigration officials advise against travelling to Canada by land when coming from abroad. Therefore, it is advised that fully vaccinated travellers consult their travel insurance to be certain that they are allowed into the country.

Travel to Canada by air does not require any special precautions or vaccines. Although travelling from one destination in close proximity to another can be beneficial, travellers should exercise caution when travelling between countries as there can be risk of transmitting virus to each country. Some viruses that are transmittable through air are the etiologic agent of serious international travel illnesses, such as the SARS virus that recently spread among traveller’s from Canada and the United States. Recently, there have been reports that the new strain of the Sars virus that was imported into Toronto from China has led to widespread illness among residents of that city. The illnesses were initially labeled as “fear syndrome”, a term that is not widely used in health related terms.

Travellers who have already become ill with some pre-existing medical conditions should consult their physician before leaving for Canada. There are special health programs for those who are travelling to Canada on an urgent basis, such as refugees or clients of the International Red Cross. For other situations, a brief note will be sent to the country of departure advising of the necessary vaccinations to be obtained prior to travel. However, most travellers arriving in Canada by plane will be able to obtain these health cards upon arriving at their destination.

Once at Canada, travellers will need to obtain entry requirements for Canada. These can vary, depending on the destination. In many cases, the traveler must obtain visa(s) or express entry before arriving in Canada. Some International airports offer travellers the option of applying for and receiving an electronic travel authorisation prior to arrival.

Those travelling to Canada by plane can apply for an ETA, which is an electronic travel authorisation, upon arrival in Canada. Electronic travel authorisations are faster and easier to obtain than visa applications. Once received, travellers can then use the card to gain access to Canadian immigration authorities. Those applying for a visa must follow all entry requirements, including proving one’s citizenship.

To obtain an electronic travel authorisation, one needs to contact Canadian immigration authorities directly. One can also apply from a location close to the international airport where you are departing for Canada. In addition, there are a number of agencies and organizations that offer advice on how to legally enter Canada. Once in Canada, ensure that all passport details are updated and show a photo identity in order to avoid processing and withdrawal of visas. You will also need to apply for a Canadian Social Insurance Number and a health insurance card. These are mandatory requirements for all foreigners arriving in Canada.