Getting Passports When Traveling Abroad

Travel to USA

Getting Passports When Traveling Abroad

Travel to USA is subject to travel restrictions for British citizens travelling outside of the country and those who are entering the USA, either by air or sea. British nationals can only enter the USA, its territories and airports if they have previously been in the UK, Ireland, Canada, Schengen zone or China for fourteen days no earlier than three months. For tourists who obtain a visa, entry to the USA will not be restricted.

Visa requirements for non-US citizens travelling to the USA can be relaxed if the applicant has an Electronic Travel Authority or ePassport. ePassport is the electronic version of a regular passport. If the applicant doesn’t possess an ePassport they can still enter the USA as long as they have a valid passport. The Electronic Travel Authority is issued three-year validity visa cards.

There are other ways of accessing the USA other than via airports or boats. Travelling by train is possible though it may be difficult in some cases. Boat trips are also available for those wishing to visit the USA but the journey is by water more than taking flights. Those travelling by land can use bridges, tunnels and railroads. Visiting the Hoover Dam or Niagara Falls can be achieved easily without travelling by road.

Those intending to travel outside the USA should book flights to the USA well in advance to avoid paying high fees for their plane tickets. In addition to booking flights to the USA you should book flights to Canada as well as other countries in the area. To avoid high fees for those travelling between the UK and USA should buy their plane tickets from a major US airline company. This will usually be much cheaper than using an indirect airline. Those intending to travel outside the Americas should book flights to Canada rather than flying directly to the USA.

Anyone travelling to the USA should apply for a passport which is valid for travel to the USA. To obtain a passport the applicant should visit the American consular service in their country. There they will be able to choose which form of passport they need to apply for. If the applicant does not have one of these documents they should take a trip to the American consular service in their country and purchase one from there.

When arriving in the USA there are a number of things that someone coming from the USA should consider doing. Some of these include getting tested for Hepatitis C. Those who do so will find that they will not be allowed to travel to the areas of the USA where Hepatitis C is prevalent. The other way to protect yourself when travelling to the USA is to go into quarantine once you have arrived. Quarantine is usually recommended for anyone coming to the USA from areas where there is a high level of disease. Once in quarantine the individual can be monitored and treated if there is an issue.

If you are travelling to the USA from Canada then you should consider putting yourself up in a hotel that is either American or US mainland. Both hotels will provide you with privacy and seclusion. This is especially important if you are travelling to the USA from a large city like Toronto where buses, subways and other means of transport may not be available. A self-isolation tent is a good option for those travelling on the US mainland.

As mentioned previously, those travelling from Canada can enter the United States by using the new Mexico border crossing called Tijuana. If you are travelling between the US and Canada then you should ensure that you have a valid entry permit. For those travelling from Mexico to the United States then it is important to remember that you need a passport for Mexico. This is because Mexico has been forced to implement tougher measures when it comes to counterfeit Canadian and American passports.