Fast Track Program to Obtain Chinese Residence and Work Permit

Travel to China can be made easier and more pleasant with the use of suitable transport. The most convenient mode of transportation for most travelers to China would be the airline flights. The low cost airlines such as Jetstar Asia offer affordable prices for long or short-distance flights to China. It is also possible to find budget flights from Hong Kong, Kolkata and other major cities to Beijing and Shanghai. However, there are some important guidelines on traveling to China by air which must be followed in order to avoid inconveniences and maximize the pleasure and relaxation while visiting this interesting country.

Travel to China

China has some restrictive measures that should be strictly observed by travelers. Travelers should not bring any inflammable or flammable liquids into the country. All tourists are required to avoid taking any food or alcoholic beverages into the country. Travelers may also have to pay a certain amount of custom duty when bringing them food or alcoholic items into the country.

Travel to China by plane is prohibited during the National Teachers’ Day festival. On the Effective January, all travel to China is suspended except for emergencies. There are various other festivals throughout the year that requires the suspension of normal flights. Hence, it would be advisable to keep in touch with an effective travel agent or someone who is well-informed about the various Chinese festivals.

Travel to China by Plane is prohibited during the Chinese New Year and the Spring Festival. There will be increased security measures and random checks at all land, sea and air ports of China starting from the Chinese New Year and moving forward. The main events which are restricted during this period include the Olympic Games and the convocation of the National People’s Congress. In addition, flights to China from overseas destinations are usually suspended till further notice. There will be no more flights to Beijing or Shanghai from 20 January 2021.

Foreigners without a Chinese work permit are not allowed to enter China or receive a Chinese work permit. Work permits are only issued to people who have been authorised by the Chinese government to work in China. There are two main methods for acquiring a work permit: either through the Chinese embassy in your home country or by taking over an employment contract in China with a local Chinese firm. It is advisable to obtain a work permit before travelling to China. Once obtained, foreigners working in China can apply for Chinese national employment permission at the Chinese embassy or consulate abroad. However, if you are travelling to China on a business visa, you will not require a work permit.

The travel advisory on China advises against travelling without a Chinese work permit as there will be increased checks at the airport, train station and land port. Your stay in any non-hostile country will also be subject to the provisions of the travel ban. Work permits are usually available on request, but the embassy may take up to six months to issue one. There are several reasons why you may need to acquire a work permit, including purchasing property, starting a business or enrolling your child into a school or college in China.

Chinese authorities tend to restrict the amount of labour that foreign nationals can apply for, particularly skilled occupations. Therefore, it is unlikely that anyone without a Chinese work permit will be allowed entry. Although the majority of visitors to China will be travelling between countries rather than entering China, there are instances where Chinese national get a work permit to live in another country for a short period of time, usually around six months. Residence permits are also usually required for tourists who wish to stay in China for more than a couple of weeks.

For certain business purposes, such as establishing a business in China or running a business from a foreign residence, a business visa is not required. Instead, a business visitor may obtain a work permit and residence permit, which would be in their own name and provide evidence of income. Business visitors need to take time to research the rules of their destination country. A fast-track program to obtain a residence permit and work permit is available from the Chinese consulate in Hong Kong. The fast-track program requires that applicants sign a two-year master course and submit their applications by July 14th every year.