Fast-Track Immigration Clearance For Citizens of Canada

Travel to China

Fast-Track Immigration Clearance For Citizens of Canada

The travel to China is one of the most sought after international journeys. The people are extremely hospitable, so all has been well with the world-wide Chinese New Year. This is why for those who have plans to travel to China, it is advisable to get the services of a competent agent who will help you on your trip. There are effective January 1, 2021 travel to China directories that can be used as a reference by both local and international travelers in getting the best China travel experience.

A good agent will ensure that the travelers originating from the USA have no problem in applying for the visa for China. There is a special Chinese visa for those who have business or visiting China for the first time while there is a different set of rules for tourists who have obtained a Chinese visa for staying in China and for tourists who have entered China for tourism purposes. There are two different sets of visa regulations for tourists to China; the General Tourist Permit which can be valid for a stay up to 3 months and the Business Traveling Visa which is valid for a period not exceeding one year. The visas are different for students and relief workers.

Before traveling to China, it is advisable to collect your work permit and business visa from the authorities. If you are planning to travel to China via a US-based company, a work permit is usually not required. But if you are travelling as a private individual, a business visa is compulsory. Collect all relevant documents such as passport, flight ticket, and employment contract and related documents such as rental agreement, payment transactions receipt, contact numbers, names of family members, and itinerary of travel from the home office. Also collect all the correspondences and documents mentioned above and submit them to the consul at the border when you arrive in China.

As for the Chinese quarantine, it is strictly prohibited for travelers to bring their own food into the country. All food must be obtained through the PRC Food Services Administration or through authorized agricultural suppliers. Only canned goods and table foods can be brought in. Boiled foods and fresh fruits and vegetables can only be imported. Besides, you will be required to register with the Food and Drugs Administration upon arrival in China.

There are several reasons why China imposed an entry ban on some South Korean travel providers. One reason is that China has long complained about the US refusal to lift the sanctions imposed on it for several economic moves it has made. The US imposed trade sanctions against China over the trade disputes with Japan over islands disputed in the East Sea. There was also a case of an American tourist who was arrested in a sewage dump while trying to enter China. Another reason for the Chinese entry ban is that they fear US beef will make its way to the country which could be a risk for the health of its people.

Once you have received the approvals from the Chinese embassy, you can now proceed to your destination. You can now book your hotels as usual but you should apply for visas before doing so. If your stay in China will last for more than a month, you will have to submit fingerprints and submit passport photos to the Chinese embassy.

There are many more concerns which need to be addressed to the Chinese government, including the payment of duty and taxes, submission of currency, purchase of items, etc. However, the most important thing to note is your right of abode within China and your permission to reside in China. You can get all the required details from the Chinese ambassador upon your arrival in China or by visiting their website in English. You will receive a registration card upon receipt of your passport.

There are many different types of fast-track immigration clearance available for citizens of Canada. These include theylema, work permit, study permit, and the Canadian citizenship certificate. As you plan your trip to China, it is recommended that you book your hotel and plan your itinerary well in advance, especially if you are taking a short trip to China. You can easily find a good accommodation package at a reasonable rate if you choose to book your accommodations during the peak tourist season. You should also follow the rules of the country, especially when it comes to tax payment.