European Travel: Easy by Automobile

Travel to Europe is very good for health as the continent is one of the healthiest places in the world. It has very low rate of heart diseases, strokes, and other fatal medical conditions that usually strike other countries. However, you should be aware that Europe is not as safe as other countries. Hence, you should be able to protect yourself against various forms of illnesses. Here are some tips on how to keep yourself safe while traveling to Europe.

The tourism industry is the number one source of employment in Portugal. Hence, porto is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Tourists from all over the world come to Portugal to spend their vacation. However, despite its recreational advantages, travelers need to take care of some common sense issues. Tourists need to know the basic public health issues in order to avoid health problems while traveling to Portugal.

Most travelers to Europe do not realize that Portugal has three countries that are part of the European Union: Spain, Greece, and Italy. All these countries have different climatic conditions and culture, thus, travelers should be aware of the country and region they plan to visit. If a traveler wants to travel within Europe, he should learn more about the countries mentioned. For example, if a person is traveling to Spain, he should be aware of the climate and the food in Spain.

Traveling within Europe requires a lot of precaution especially for travelers visiting Spain. Tourists should keep in mind that the mosquito season in Spain starts in October and ends in march. Therefore, before setting foot in Spain, travelers should consult with the tourism office in Spain or the local government officials to prevent mosquitoes from biting them. Even though there are many tropical beaches in south America, mosquitoes are rarely seen in temperate climates and usually only exists in rainy climates.

Travelers who wish to travel to United Kingdom should know about the “No Carry on Airways” policy before leaving for the continent. In the United Kingdom, all airlines issues the No Carry on Air passengers within the country. Therefore, travelers need to check if their airline will allow them to travel to these countries before leaving for Europe. Usually, all airlines issue color-coded maps so that customers can identify which countries accept their flight tickets. However, the airlines do not place the color-coded maps in the plane seats.

The color-coded map of United Kingdom reveals that passengers flying to Portugal may have to pay a higher fare compared to the fare charged by airlines to other destinations in Europe. The new case rate for paying the new case rate is about twenty percent than the old rate. Tourists are required to pay this increased fare even when they are planning to stay at hotels in Portugal. The new rate has been introduced to combat overcrowding in the cities of Lisbon, Benissa, Ferreries and Alvor.

Tourists from the United States should check with the U.S. Department of State or Department of Homeland Security before leaving for European countries. The American Citizens who want to travel to some European countries like France, Spain, Greece, Italy, Cyprus, Romania and Hungary need to apply for a visa for this purpose through the approved visa waiver program. Visa Waiver is an act of the United States government that enables citizens of the states to enter visa-free to any country. The visa-waiver program was implemented as an emergency measure by the United States government for citizens from certain countries that could be affected by a disaster or emergency outside the US. The citizens from these countries are allowed to enter the country without the need to obtain a visa for some hours.

For those who do not have the needed visa waiver or approved passport, they may still visit the said countries. For those who do have visa waiver or approved passport, they must visit the port of call of the port of exit before arriving in the land of Europe. By doing so, they can already start their journey by walking on the seashore. Traveling by foot will take longer so one may also use the electronic linked passageways that are available in some tourist offices. Such passageways are electronically linked to the electronic visa card or the passports so that the travelers can easily exchange the cards or passports when they exit the airport.