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European Tourist Information

Europe is a huge continent and when planning a trip across it there is much more to consider than choosing the perfect cheap flights to any one particular place. This is because there are many different countries within it and each country has its own culture, language and history. If you are planning a trip to Europe then it’s important that you get an insight into all the available choices you have and what’s best for you.

Many people who travel to Europe often do so for work or pleasure. Whilst the majority of people who travel to EU countries are European citizens who want to work abroad, some do go to these countries as a way of enjoying the unique culture that these countries offer. Whilst this is very true, some also go on holidays to Europe as a way of relaxing, escaping the stresses of everyday life, enjoying the sun and sand and just being able to take in the scenery. However, for people who wish to get a visa and enter the European Union can do so by traveling through one of the countries that are most popular for European travel, namely: Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Poland, Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria, Portugal and Spain. While EU-wide policies have been implemented, some of these countries are yet to open or are still being finalised, such as Greece, France, Italy, Spain and Iceland.

Ireland has one of the most vibrant travel destinations in Europe. With a spectacularly beautiful scenery and the opportunity to see some of the world’s most fascinating castles, the Emerald Isle offers something for everyone. It is a country that is full of vibrant culture and is famous for its food and wine. Most travelers to Ireland choose to travel by flight as air travel to this part of Europe is both quick and easy. A trip to the Emerald Isle should therefore not be missed.

Sweden is another popular European country that is used by American and Canadian travelers who are travelling on business or pleasure. Its capital Stockholm is an ideal location for tourists looking to explore Sweden’s capital or its beautiful architecture and landscape. The city is also famous for its liberal stance on immigration and welcomes foreigners. The US and Canadian governments along with Swedes make Sweden one of their primary destination countries. In addition to Stockholm, tourists should also consider a trip to Kalmar where there is a picturesque harbour, a world heritage site, beautiful architecture, gardens and museums. A number of cruise lines operating out of Kalmar offer trips to Scandinavia as part of their itineraries.

Denmark is another popular European country that is often sought by American and Canadian citizens travelling on business or pleasure. The Danes are warm, friendly and welcoming and this comes in very handy if you are visiting them during the winter months. Danish beer and food are renowned and can easily be found around the world. Travellers to Denmark will find snow when they arrive in the winter months and Danish tourism is one of the best in Europe. Danish quarantine upon arrival is a must. It has been implemented in order to prevent contagious diseases from travelling to US citizens.

Austria is a popular European country that serves as the gateway to Germany and other European countries. You will find many magnificent churches, palaces and castles here and the majority of travellers to this part of Europe to enjoy the vast array of medieval art that can be found in this country. Some of the most popular sights include the Vienna State Opera, the Hofburg palace and the Castle church. There is also a large number of Gothic cathedrals. All of these sites are popular tourist attractions and travellers should take all necessary precautions when travelling through this part of Europe.

Slovenia is another European country that is very popular with American and Canadian visitors who wish to travel around Europe. The small country of Slovenia is surrounded by its neighbors (Serbia, Croatia, Austria and the former Yugoslavia) and has beautiful scenery and islets. This country borders Italy, the Alps, Greece and the Adriatic sea. The majority of travellers to this part of Europe come from the United States or Canada and experience the best of European and international culture and destinations.

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