Enjoy Your Trip to Europe

Travel to Europe

Enjoy Your Trip to Europe

Many Americans have long been waiting for the dreaded flu season to disappear and finally travel to Europe. Unfortunately, this year’s outbreak has really thrown a monkey wrench into the plans, with additional travel restrictions and cautionary notices in place across the region. The biggest concerns have centered on the possibility of a global pandemic. Since this type of flu spreads through several types of animal carrier, it is important for travelers to know what they can and cannot bring with them.

Recently, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) issued travel warnings to the public and health care professionals advising that there is a “preliminary outbreak” of bird flu in several countries across central Europe. This is caused by an H5N strain, which has killed poultry and returned to people in recent months. For travelers planning to visit countries in the region, the most important thing to remember is to check whether their medical facilitators or airlines will allow them to take the H5N into the country. Some airlines, like Ryan Air, already have suspended service to several countries, while others continue to operate via a “limited” version of the program.

Travel to Europe for the purpose of tourism has become particularly hard because of these limited services. The greatest threat to tourists from these kinds of circumstances comes from travelers who intend to fly to some of the more southern European countries, like Portugal, Spain, and Greece. Because of the high volume of visitors that these countries attract, there are often crowded airports and lounges filled with travelers waiting for flights. Airlines that provide airfare between the United States and some of these countries have begun to implement measures that limit seating to the same number of passengers.

The other group of travelers that suffer the most from these limitations are those coming from the United States. Tourists coming from the United Kingdom and Germany are especially affected by the limitations of flights from the United Kingdom and Germany to many of the more popular European cities. Many airlines now offer direct flights between the United States and some of these European countries. However, many of these flights are scheduled only for half-day or quarter days.

There are also measures being taken by European airlines to increase the availability of nonessential travel between the United States and some of the destinations in Europe. Certain countries, like Ireland, are experiencing a huge surge in tourist traffic as a result of the Football World Cup. As a result of the soccer World Cup, many flights to Ireland are already full. It is not expected that this trend will abate during the entire duration of the competition. Non-stop flights to Ireland are becoming even more scarce starting in October.

For travelers traveling from the United States to some of the more remote and developing countries in Europe, there are measures being taken by the international airlines to provide easier travel routes. For instance, some airlines now offer direct flights between the United States and Switzerland, as well as between Spain, Italy and France. Travellers can benefit greatly from these routes, which offer much better accommodations, more appropriate climates, less crowds and more chance for seeing Europe and other country attractions. Some of these routes will even be accompanied by flights from the United Kingdom.

The benefits of using the new covid-19 travel advisory issued by the ECDC are many. The new measures allow travelers to avoid overcrowded cities, which makes travelling within Europe even more exciting. If you are planning a trip within Europe, you should book your tickets as far in advance as possible. Early reservations mean lower prices and fast service. As a guideline, if you want to travel within Europe, you should book your flight at least four months in advance.

One more advantage that you should take advantage of is the fact that most airlines now fly to major cities in United Kingdom, such as London, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh, and Gatwick. In addition, some airfares include flights to cities in new Zealand including Invercargill, Newquay, Portland and Sydney. Travellers flying to France should try and book their flights during low season, as flights to European destinations are generally cheaper during the low seasons. By doing so, travelers have a greater chance of securing discount fares on flights to Europe.